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NASDAQ index

An after-market index specialized on shares of leading technology companies. Plotted as the average weighted shares market price.

Necessary Margin

The guarantee (in monetary expression), which is required by the dealer to maintain an open position.

New York Stock Exchange(NYSE)

One of the major US stock exchanges. At NYSE the Dow Jones index as well as NYSE Composite index are defined. It was founded in May 1792.

Nikkei 225 (Nikkey Stock Average)

The major index of the Japanese stock exchange. It is calculated as the average shares rate of 225 major companies, quoted in Tokyo stock exchange.

Non-client order

An order on an exchange that is made by a participant firm or on behalf of a partner, officer, director, or employee of the participant firm. Where a participant firm is a firm that is entitled to trade on the exchange, also known as a member firm. While these orders are allowed, priority must be given to client orders for the same securities.

Non-trading Operation

The following types of operations: deposit, withdrawal, repayment and extension of credit.

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