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| 23 Feb 2010 - 16:00hrshrs

How are the markets looking?


Ramesh Damani | Member BSE

hitnag : Hi Sir, How does Kesoram Industries look, PE of less than 5 and Birla group company

Ramesh Damani : it is cheap and so is Birla Corp...

polasa : Sir, pleae let me know your view on aegis and datamatics. both have come down you suggest to average ? Thanks.

Ramesh Damani : aegis is a good bet among mid caps..Datamatics is still to be a consistent growth co

kumarrajesh21 : Sir, What is happening to your favourite stock VIP industries? Is it a sell now?

Ramesh Damani : stocks dont follow a straight line

nvnsp : sir,at wat levels wud godrej properties look answer ?

Ramesh Damani : at current rates

kanupriyaa : Dear Sir,at current levels,do u now feel BPCL has a way to go up from these levels?As it is your favorite stock, at least tell us, is the correction over in this stock and do u see it only consolidating sideways,between levels of 550-610?What do your technical indicators indicate?As u do watch this stock very closely and sometimes u do see clealy, kindly, kindly,do share with us your clear views now.Thanks a lot, Sir.We eagerly wait every week for any changes in views.Kindly guide us.

Ramesh Damani : i reamin bullish on it..try to avoid timing it..very hard

maneramesh : Dear Sir, BL(Balmer L) investment holds 1 crore shares of BL and BL CMP is 600 i.e. BLI has 600crore worth of shares but mkt cap is around 300 crore. WHY? This I found for almost all holding comapnies(so is GENERAL QUESTION)? Does this make value investemnt opportunity?

Ramesh Damani : holding co;s typically trade at a discount...they are considered strategis and not tends to prefer operating co`s

chetak_purohit : Dear Sir, I am a small investor & invest in a fundamentally strong scrip ,right now I am invested in Vinati Organic,Mayur unicoters,Parenteral Drug ,Poly medicure ,Hind dorr ,All above scrip are on my own research but due to market condition I booked profit and recently I am reading your chat now I wants to invest according to your pattern kindly adviseThanks

Ramesh Damani : my advise is invest in your own convictions..that way you will understand what you have done

himanshu j j : sir what is your call on godrej prop will they be able to do sales of close to 5000 crores and so a revenue of 2000 crore in 5 to 7 years?

Ramesh Damani : sales and revenue are the same nos..are you confusing sales and profits?

gf : Dear Sir, Aegis logistics. I have initiated a small exposure today in the stock . What is the outlook from here . Can I buy more for one year

Ramesh Damani : looks like a good investment over time

himanshu j j : sir when rj thinks that amongst the four people he admires then can u share the ones u admire are hhey nimish shah snjoy bhattacharya ramdeo agarwal radhakishan damani please throw some light we are eager to know?

Ramesh Damani : they are all stalwarts i have deep respect for

maneramesh : Dear Sir, first there are few smart money of dalal street(ofcourse u r one of them). Most of these have pay services. But u r the only one who is consistely helping retail investors like us for several yrs when others look at retail investor as SOURCE OF MONEY. Thanks for that!

Ramesh Damani : thank you, it is a privelege to help and I have always been just returning the favour..

kajam_1120 : Do expect the market to go down further if some tightening in terms of withdrawal of stimulus, increse in excise and direct taxes are announced in the budget.

Ramesh Damani : market is sluggish..,but it will recover..i remain bullish

pb1979 : Please can you tell us what are the sources one shud look at while researching any stock, particularly those who cant talk to management?

Ramesh Damani : try to find the discrepancy between price and value.that is the starting point

vabgujral : Sir, What are your views on GRUH now? Shall I buy at the current levels? Also, Pls suggest any 2-3 good stocks which I can buy at current valuations.

Ramesh Damani : GRUH is a good franchise...i would invest in it

sudhakajaria : Sir, any new view on TCI and Gati? They have really correcting after a very good move which we had seen recently. We were not lucky to trade in this stock. Just holding it. In this correction, are these stocks a screaming buy? Do u see good movement in them AFTER THIS BUDGET. Kindly share. Thanks

Ramesh Damani : nothing to add...these are investments

nu2007 : can we buy a stock just a day before the record day for dividend payouts.

Ramesh Damani : yes you can, if you like the stock

nvnsp : wat can be the trigger for sundaram finance stock to be re-rated ?

Ramesh Damani : good stocks will find a way to rise,,they need no trigger..just patience

nicky7 : Sir any 3 stocks for shortterm & long term please?

Ramesh Damani : last week i spoke of LINC PEN (67)..they are building a credible brand and this business is valued by foreign majors....would suggest a ezposure for long term invetors..(my office trades in the stock)

aslamyar : "Ramesh Damani: try to find the discrepancy between price and value.that is the starting point" - And how do you define value

Ramesh Damani : that is your job...your understanding

dhavaldama : sir, i wanted to know your view on karuturi global. The whole world knows by now that there is a shortage for food & the company has shifted its focus to that side of business. Whats your long term view on the company.

Ramesh Damani : mgmt is unknown, idea is good..not sure they can cant give a buy recommendation.just watching it

sonali9876 : GOVT FPO S-----rate at whihc govt is raising money---does that concern u ?

Ramesh Damani : would have been happier if the govt had privatised..and not just disinvested

usmanmd : sir, thank u very much . iam overseas chinese ( chinese born in india 1969)i follow u since last 3 years and gained a lot. do u follow bharti ship?

Ramesh Damani : thanks..not really

abinidhi : Sir, TCI- Co weathered the slowdown well n now the results are consistently growing, but the mkt not recognizing it.. @ 600 crs macp, still available- nowadays rare- low hanging fruit?

Ramesh Damani : they need to expand margins...hopefully it will find its day in the sun

vishnukant_1 : Dear Sir, long since we have not talked about, ,PDUMJEE PULP, BLUEBIRD,PRISM CEMENT, and ACE. At this point of time,do u see any of these leaping out for a big move from current levels. Kindly share. Thanks

Ramesh Damani : PRISM seems the best among the ones that yoy mentioned.

amhussain : Hello Sir,can GOLDIAM be a multibagger?

Ramesh Damani : too early to was cheap..

maneramesh : Dear Sir, u r saying Linc Pen long term investment but my office trades in the stock. R u recommendending it for more than 5 yrs?

Ramesh Damani : as a broker we buy and sell all kinds of stocks..nature of the business..but i would recommend a portion LINC pen by held for long term investment

holster13 : Your follower from Boston: Been following silently for some time; hope you are doing good. Two Questions: 1. Speculative money driving VIP - your views. 2. Sovereign defaults threat, to Indian markets - your views please.

Ramesh Damani : vip is doing well..should have a good year...but it is a bit speculative rise...not really thinking nos 2 is a big problem

sudhakajaria : Sir, any news in Igarshi? Should we buying this stock now to average, if u do see coming out from the bag with a big leap? We had purchased this stock in good quantity at 127 levels. Since then we are waiting patiently for u to guide us on it. Kindly share with us your view on this stock.U know how important your insight is for us small investors

Ramesh Damani : it is a dark horse..mgmt has good products...botom line has started improving..lets hope they keep it up

aakashagra : Sir, are u expecting an upward movement in our highly focused stock, Godrej Industries? Are u expecting anything for this stock, this budget? Or, is it just a hold for patient investors? If u do see anything clearly for this particular stock, do share with us. Some small profits are always desirable.

Ramesh Damani : nothing in the budget really.they are budget neutral

bnatu : Ramesh lots of exciting things happening in Pune based Enkei Castalloy do you follow this scrip can you share your views becase at 100 crores market cap it looks very very cheap.

Ramesh Damani : they are planning to split the co in two..what updates do you have

dhavaldama : sir what is your opinion about nilkamal furnitures & ttk prestige??both are proxies to domestic low income consumption and available at reasonable valuations??

Ramesh Damani : yes and both have had a good run up

abinidhi : What is the indication that VIP is primed for sale.. Top level MGMT changes? Lumpy movements?

Ramesh Damani : just news

dbengali : Hello Sir, Any updates on Nucleus Software? Are you still holding Nucleus?

Ramesh Damani : yes..growth is still anemic..though worst seems behind them

meninoandrade : sir igarashi is it an mnc?

Ramesh Damani : yes, japanese

ashokmunot : what is your thinking about ksb pumps it is value buying at current rate you still holding

Ramesh Damani : it is cheap..still holding on

mumbaiwarriorss : Dear RD.. would you see value if a company mkt cap is 40crs and sales are 200 crs? pls answer thanks!

Ramesh Damani : markets are also about the future..what are the profits, growth, cash flows etc

parsram : sir,what happens when vip is sold to a co. like samsonite?

Ramesh Damani : they get pricing power..since competition disappears

vickky_27 : sir can nucleus graduate to the big league

Ramesh Damani : not seen evidence of that yet

vishnukant_1 : Dear Sir, as budget is very very near. And in the past we have borne a lot of pain. At this point of time is it good to wait to buy the omc

Ramesh Damani : i am bullish on OMC`s...cannot predict timing..these stocks ar cheap and deregulation is on the horizon

swamik : Dearest Ramesh, We all are really lucky otherwise with your commitments and schedule, you are spending an hour with us on a weekly basis. Being a small person i am busy so I can

Ramesh Damani : it is a privelege, as i always have said

dbengali : Hello Sir, Is it possible to meet one day for coffee, there are many on this chat ike me who are following you for years. moneycontrol can send invitation.

Ramesh Damani : we will try to get mc to arrange it sometime

shishirkapadia : Sir Do you think higher Excise duty in budget will hit hard on Hitachi.

Ramesh Damani : on durables, auto and auto ancillary

mumbaiwarriorss : BANCO products acquisition shud be a boost for the company. do you remain bullish on auto parts despite excise rollback fears? thanks!

Ramesh Damani : it does worry me..but i think they have there own strengths

sonali9876 : apart from DISTRIBUTION NETWORK,,BRAND,,,what MOAT does hindustan unilever ,,colgate,,,FMCG have?

Ramesh Damani : both those qualities are moats

Ramesh Damani : thanks all for joining..see you next week..bye