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Beyond the Curve
Transitioning to a new normal post COVID-19
  • When
    June 18, 2020
    10:30 am - 11.30 am
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new normal

Moneycontrol Rule the NEW NORMAL in assocation with Lenovo, presents Beyond the Curve, Transitioning to a new normal post COVID-19

Seeing the massive impact of the COVID-19-led lockdown and how it has shaken the business landscape, in this webinar, we discuss why businesses now need to reimagine and rebuild the workplace.

We also delve into how technology is bridging the gap between organisations and employees by boosting work productivity remotely, how companies can accelerate digital transformation to adapt to the new normal, and why they need to re-align their vision to incorporate these transformational changes across the board.

Talking points

The new normal

The need to reimagine the workplace to operate in a new reality


How COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation

Human Resource

Prioritising employee safety and optimising company culture


How IoT is transforming the supply chain management


Role of technology in building business resilience


How Edtech is bridging the teacher student gap

Meet Our Host & Speakers

Sakshi Batra

Sakshi Batra

News Anchor,
Ashish Sikka

Ashish Sikka

Director - SMB,
Daisy Chittilapilly

Daisy Chittilapilly

MD, Digital Transformation Office,
Cisco India and SAARC
Vinod Kumar

Vinod Kumar

India SME Forum
Ramesh Lakshminarayanan

Ramesh Lakshminarayanan

President & CTIO,
Suhail Zaidi

Col. Suhail Zaidi

CII Centre for Digital Transformation

Event schedule

  • 10:15-10:30AMRegistration for invitees and other audiences
  • 10:30-10:35AMOpening note by Moneycontrol anchor, Sakshi Batra
  • 10:35-10:40AMIntroduction of guest speakers
  • 10:40-11:15AMPanel discussion with Ashish Sikka, Daisy Chittilapilly, Vinod Kumar, Suhail Zaidi, and Ramesh Lakshminarayanan
  • 11:15-11:30AMQ&A with the audience