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Tricks Of Trading

All that you want to know about IPOs

What do you mean by Initial public offerings (IPO), why are they so popular and what should you watch out for when you try to pick one...

Factors to watch before investing in IPOs

If you hope to make money in public equity offers, you have to make some efforts and become an informed investor, says Prithvi Haldea of Prime Database...

Burnt your fingers in IPOs before? 4 tips to spot winners

With more and more companies coming out with tempting IPO or additional offers, there is greater need to exert caution and pick the best IPO investments. Sanjay Matai lists 4 critical factors to be studied in an IPO offer document, before making an IPO investment....

What is the best way to finance IPOs?

With the equity markets looking buoyant and the flood of IPOs in the market, the retail investor is only too keen to join the IPO bandwagon. The main question is finance. helps you to find answers...

How to be a trader, as well as investor

Psychology to seek out good deals is an intrinsic quality that cannot be taught to potential future traders. Investors need to decide, whether they are in the stock market for excitement or to make money...

Read sectoral signals when trading

Asit Koticha says there is no substitute for understanding and knowing the companies or sectors one choses to invest in....

Keep your emotions in check when investing

Nilesh Shah says that one has to imbibe discipline to make the right decision, whenever it's required...

An MBA does not help an investor

A MBA course does not prepare a person from making mistakes in the market. It needs more than a course. It calls for an overall philosophy to invest in good quality businesses only...

Art of buying undervalued businesses

Ramesh Damani speaks to Dalal Street whiz Bharat Shah, on what got him interested in the stock market and how did he prepare himself to play the big stakes game...

Mid-cap and value investing are different

Experts tell all on small, mid-cap and large cap stocks and what patterns to look for...

How would you analyse an IPO?

CEO of Lotus Knowlwealth, Ashok Kumar speaks on the fundamentals of issue pricing and what makes IPOs such hot buys...

IPOs seen injecting liquidity into markets

The spate of IPOs scheduled for 2005 will inject much-needed liquidity in the stock markets, analysts say. However, they warn that it is imperative the IPOs are quality ones, with sound fundamentals...

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