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Oct 14, 11:42

13883.45 102.46 (0.74%)

  Intraday 52 Week
OPEN: 13,821.94 HIGH: 13,924.02 15,661.95
PREV CLOSE: 13,780.99 LOW: 13,793.46 12,914.63
Returns - S&P BSE MIDCAP
YTD 1 Week 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year
-10.07% 0.50% 1.10% -4.90% -10.40% -1.20% -12.80% 3.50%
Simple Moving Averages
Month Oct'19 Sep'19 Aug'19 Jul'19 Jun'19 May'19
HIGH 14193.33 14643.53 13756.88 15010.30 15328.51 15198.27
LOW 13577.04 13119.37 12914.63 13365.52 14376.52 14003.69
CLOSE 13780.99 14355.70 13467.55 13643.38 14808.34 15096.18
Company Points
Container Corp 10.10
Adani Enterpris 7.11
Adani Trans 6.90
Torrent Pharma 5.28
Colgate 5.16
Company Points
Whirlpool -4.55
PNB Housing Fin -2.54
Tata Power -2.30
LIC Housing Fin -2.14
Havells India -1.89
BSE introduced the new index series called 'BSE MID-Cap' index and 'BSE Small-Cap' index to track the performance of companies with relatively smaller market capitalization.

BSE-500 Index - represents more than 93% of the listed universe. Companies with large market capitalization bias the movement of BSE-500 index. This necessitated construction of a separate indicator to capture the trend in companies with lower market capitalization. Over the years, BSE Mid-Cap and BSE Small-Cap indices have proven to be a great utility to the investing community.

Source : BSE
The general guidelines for selection of constituents in BSE Mid-Cap & BSE Small-Cap Index are as follows:

  • Trading Frequency: The scrip should have been traded on 60% of the trading days in the last three months
  • Eligible universe shall comprise of companies aggregating 98.5% of average market capitalization
  • This list shall be categorixed under large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap segment based on 80%-15%-5% market capitalization coverage respectively
  • BSE Mid-Cap Index shall comprise of scrips that gives market capitalization coverage between 80% & 95% from the list derived as per point no.3 above
  • BSE Small-Cap Index shall comprise of scrips that gives market capitalization coverage between 95% & 100% from the list derived as per pont no.3 above
  • Quarterly review of these indices shall be carried out as per the above criteria subject to a buffer of 3%
Choice of Base Year
The financial year 1989-90 was chosen as the base year because of the price stability exhibited during that year and due to its proximity to the current period.

Source : BSE

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