A Logo that does all the talking

Gargi Banerjee 

When you are setting up a company, you will need to craft a logo that will represent your business. A logo must be designed with adequate care as it is a visual representation of your company. The logo of your company will not only give your potential customers a first impression about your enterprise, it will be something that you will come to be identified with, as and when your business begins to grow.  At the initial stage of a start up, most entrepreneurs make the mistake of not paying enough attention to this important aspect of brand building. So that you do not make such mistakes, here are some tips you will find useful while designing an appropriate logo.

Deciding the budget and finding a design firm:

When you are setting up an enterprise from scratch, you will need to chalk out a budget for everything. Brand building is an important exercise, so set aside a budget for brand building, keeping logo design at the centre of it. As a start up, it is likely that you cannot keep a large amount of money aside for this exercise, but do not skimp either.

The next step is to find an appropriate design house. A lot of due diligence is required when you do this. Run a Google search and shortlist a few design firms who showcase their work on their website. Shifali Satsangee, founder and CEO of Funds Vedaa, a niche portfolio management services firm based in Agra, says that all aspiring entrepreneurs’ must also make optimum use of the social media platform to get recommendations from peers “I was candid about my search for good design firms on social media platforms, and suggestions poured in from all corners.” She says. Carefully weigh your choices, before you make a final decision.

Talk at length about your company profile

Once you have zeroed in on the design firm, you have a candid discussion with the creative team that will be constructing your logo. An efficient design firm will ask you elaborate questions on not just the profile of your company, the personality of your enterprise, the tone you would want to project and the future aspirations that you have. It is like talking about your company as if you were talking about a person. The clearer you are about your needs, the better it is.

Shifali Satsangee of Funds Vedaa says “What I essentially wanted to convey to my clients was that we are firm that they can trust with the wealth, and we will walk alongside them in their journey of augmenting their wealth.  I wanted the logo to exude both confidence and power was on my mind. ” Bharathiraja Thangappalam founder and CEO Mitra Studios Pvt Ltd, a digital media marketing and brand consulting firm who has worked on the Funds Vedaa logo and website recalls his interaction with Shifali Satsangee. “Being in the field of financial services, Shifali wanted to use the colour blue, because blue is a colour that generates confidence, but after extensive discussions, we decided on using the colour yellow, because it not only stands for confidence, it also gives the traditional feel that was the essence of her firm. We have used a sun at the centre of the logo that is a symbol of confidence as well as the power and determination she wanted to convey.”

The cornerstones of logo design

Look at competition: When you are in the stage of discussion with the design firm about your logo, make sure that you and your designers take a look at the kind of logos that your competitors have used. This will give you pointers on how you can differentiate yourself from your peers.

Focus on the message: The logo has to articulate the message that you want to convey about the business of your firm. Keep your target audience in mind, and remember that it has to make an impact on their mind.

Colour scheme: It is all very nice to have four or five colours on a logo, to make it look gorgeous and attractive, but remember that using too many colours will also escalate your costs as it is to be reproduced on a variety of things including packaging and stationery. The standard is to use two or three colours at best.

Functional and clear: Make sure that your logo is not too complicated. It should be clean and functional for you to be able to reproduce it on business cards, letterheads and should even make a significant impact in black and white when you photocopy it or need to fax it.

Cost factor: For a start up, costs are the most important thing that needs to be taken into consideration. While it is not advisable to be too stringent on the budget, you also need to make a prudent choice. Work out a good package cost with a design firm. For start ups there a lot of design firm that offer attractive packages. For Rs 10,000-20,000 it is possible to get the logo design, business cards and stationery such as letterheads and envelopes.

Protection of your logo

Just designing a logo is not enough; you need to protect it too, so that it cannot be used by any other company. You will need to get in touch with a trademark registration firm that will help you go through the procedure of registering your logo. The entire process can be completed online with the help of such firms, who will do everything from finding a trademark attorney for you to filing for a registration and getting the final approval. One such firm is that will complete the entire registration process for you for a fee of less than Rs 5000. After a trademark has been registered you can start using the circle mark ® on your logo. This is full and final proof of the fact that your trademark cannot be used by anyone else other than you.