Annual Performance Review 2019-2020



Dear Investor,

We shared our trading call performance last year this time and would be glad to do so again now. I am happy to announce that we have exceeded our previous year's annual performance. As mentioned previously, it is important to reflect upon the year that went by, which helps in eliminating repeated mistakes, and explore the best way to approach the commodity markets.

As illustrated earlier, 98% of our calls are positional in nature which was carried for anywhere from 2 days to 10 days or even longer in some instances. A weekly report on the performance of the calls is also provided and we encourage you to keep following it. I am very happy and delighted to announce that our calls have given a net % return of 127.10 %, excluding taxes and other costs for the whole year, a minor fall compared to the previous year. The year gone was extremely volatile and comparing this performance with the benchmarks like the CRB index and Jefferies commodity index, we have beaten them and hope to do much better in the coming year.

As illustrated before, all our calls are trade able calls and since it is positional in nature, the chances of slippage are minimal, though it cannot be avoided fully.

Call Performance for the period Nov 2019 Till Oct 2020

Call Performance

As seen in the table above, we have used 2 lots for initiation purposes. Mostly the first initiation level will be when the call is given and the next one on dips to certain support level. There is a part profit that is taken (part t/p). Once, the first take profit level is achieved, we immediately move the stop loss to cost, thus ensuring we do not loose on a call that we have booked part profit earlier. This is a prudent risk management strategy one should adhere, to protect the profits and minimize the losses. Also, please use the same leverage for all our calls, do not try to increase the leverage if you see a good winning streak. Another important thing to note, is that our success % ratio though has gone below 60% in couple of months, we have been judicious and ruthless in risk management and position sizing which is done objectively. These are the two important factors investors should work on more than accumulating knowledge on the markets.

Commodity Margin for 1 LOT Margin for 2 LOTs
GOLD 470327 940654
SILVER 282631 565262
CRUDE 263332 526664
NATURAL GAS 35187 70374
COPPER 121412 242824
NICKEL 192830 385660
LEAD 84150 168300
ZINC 113512 227024
ALUMINIUM 69512 139024
Margin Employed 877323  
Net Profit 1992415  
% Return 127.10  

As seen in the above table on margins, the margin for individual commodities and the total margin employed for 2 lots of Rs. 8,77,323 has been used as a base capital for calculating profits. We send the weekly call performance to all our clients which elaborates on the call that was given and its conclusion.



As always, we urge you not to be selective on our calls and act on all of them religiously, as soon as it is received, as the commodity markets do not give much time for investors to respond. Due to our prudent risk management strategies, we have been able to deliver good returns and we hope you follow the same by adhering to our stop loss levels and target levels strictly.

We hope you have had a fruitful trading experience so far and please do write to me on, and I will be pleased to assist you in any way possible.

Happy trading!


Warm regards

T. Gnanasekar

Disclaimer: Examples used in the above mailer is hypothetical. Past performance does not guarantee future results and prospective and existing clients should not assume that future performance will be profitable. Please conduct your own due diligence and research before acting our trading calls. Our endeavour is to identify profitable opportunities, but there is risk of loss and, T.Gnanasekar will not be liable for the same. Also, T.Gnanasekar, does not have any trading positions or proprietary interest in the trading calls provided as a service.