Dolphin is based on MarketSmith India's flagship screen of leading growth stocks, 'Growth50'.

Index Value
579.34 0.08%
Why should you invest in this Algo?

This is a low volatility portfolio of growth stocks showing strong relative price strength and top-notch fundamentals. This Portfolio includes stocks from MarketSmith India’s ‘Growth50’, high-quality list uses 30+ separate screens designed by O'Neil portfolio managers that incorporate MarketSmith India's exclusive ratings and rankings, plus other key fundamental and technical data points.

Know how this algo was created
Created by MarketSmith India
Past performance vs NIFTY
Current value of ₹ 100 invested
once 1 Year ago would be
Algosmith 11.20%
NIFTY 29.70%

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Past performance doesn't guarantee future returns & is inclusive of all rebalances

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Minimum Investment Amount
₹ 215,404.00