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Best Fixed Deposit Rates for NRIs

Instrument Account Type INTEREST
(% p.a)
Deutsche Bank NRE FD 8.25 5 years
Deutsche Bank NRO FD 8.25 5 years

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Infrastructure Bonds Min amount INTEREST Open Close

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Jiju Vidyadharan

Head Funds & Fixed Income Research , CRISIL

Jul 16 2018, 16:00hrs

Investments in Fixed Income

Bank Fixed Deposits (FDs) are generally safe investments because FDs up to Rs 1 lakh are insured under the Deposit Insurance & Credit Guarantee Scheme...

There are many other institutions apart from banks that offer fixed deposit investment options for investors. Within the banking family there are publ...

Each bank or financial institution that is offering fixed deposits fixes its own deposit rates. The deposit rates depend upon the financial position o...

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Interest is paid on monthly/quarterly/half yearly/yearly or on maturity basis and is sent either through cheque or ECS facility....

Ignore the unrated Company Deposit Schemes. Ignore deposit schemes of little known manufacturing companies. For NBFCs, RBI has made it mandatory to...

Companies which offer interest higher than 15%. Companies which are not paying regular dividends to the shareholder. Companies whose Balance S...

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No, the interest received in these bonds is not tax free. The investor is liable to pay tax on the interest received....

A minor is not eligible to apply for subscription to these bonds....

Yes application can be made in joint names with a maximum of three applicants, however the demat account shall also be held in the joint names and ord...

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No. There is no provision. Interest amount can be credited to SB account and after that from SB to RD is permissible....

The claimant may be the nominee or legal heir. If there is nomination, the nominee can prefer the claim in the prescribed form along with death certif...

National Savings Certificate - No premature encashment possible. Maturity period is 5 Years. Different Savings Accounts Savings Bank - Can be cl...

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Debt instruments typically have maturities of more than one year. The main types are government securities called G-secs or Gilts...

The factors affecting interest rates are largely macro-economic in nature: • Demand/supply of money- When economic growth is high...

Rating organisations evaluate the credit worthiness of an issuer with respect to debt instruments or its general ability to pay back debt over the specified period of time...

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