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DSJ Communication

BSE: 526677|NSE: DALALSTCOM|ISIN: INE055C01020|SECTOR: Printing & Stationery
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VOLUME 1,500
DSJ Communication is not traded in the last 30 days
Company History - DSJ Communication
DSCL was incorporated on 21 November 1989 as a Private Limited Company
 and was converted into a public limited company by a special
 resolution passed at the Extra Ordinary General Meeting held on 29
 March 1994 and obtained fresh certificate of incorporation from the
 Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra at Bombay on 14th June, 1994.
 DSCL is a part of the DSJ Group of Companies which inter alia
 includes DSJ Finance Corporation Limited and Dataline and Research
 Technologies (I) Limited. DSCL was formed to take over the
 publication business of Boom Trading & Investments which is a
 partnership firm of the Padode family. In terms of the takeover
 agreement executed in April 1990 DSCL has been licensed to use the
 brand name of `Dalal Street Investment Journal' till such time as the
 Promoter Group continues to hold at least 35% of DSCL's equity or till
 31 March, 2005 (whichever is earlier) when it may be renewed by mutual
 consent for 5 years at a time. Under the agreement, Boom Trading &
 Investments transferred the entire running business of publishing,
 except the ownership rights to certain publication titles. The
 parties to the agreement arrived at a consideration value of
 Rs.10,50,000 by mutual consent. This consideration was settled by
 lumpsum payment. There is no separate fee or charge, fixed or
 recurring, for the license to use the publication titles of Boom
 Trading and Investments.
 DSCL publishes the investment magazine 'Dalal Street Investment
 Journal' which is a popular publication with a specific coverage on
 issues relating to investments and corporate performance. Each issue
 features a database of over 1500 listed companies and also carries
 new issue analysis, special reports, industry reviews and corporate
 analysis. Dalal Street Investment Journal is a fortnightly magazine
 published in English, Hindi and Gujarati editions. The magazine was
 first published in 1986 as a 12 page cyclostyled newsletter and has
 since grown in readership to achieve the current circulation of over
 100,000 copies a
 fortnight. The Hindi and Gujarati editions launched in 1991 and 1993
 respectively have a circulation of around 20,000 copies and 10,000
 copies per issue respectively.
 DSCL also publishes a weekly newsletter 'Flashnews' which makes
 recommendations on investment opportunities based on technical and
 fundamental analysis. Flashnews has over 16,000 subscribers. DSCL has
 been publishing a fortnightly 'India Economic Update' which contains
 information on the Indian economy, business opportunities government
 policies etc. This periodical was published on behalf of the
 Government of India vide a contract with the Department of
 Advertising & Visual Publicity, Ministry of Information &
 Broadcasting and was distributed through Indian Consulates and
 Missions in 111 countries with a readership of 50,000 The contract
 with the Government has since expired.
 DSCL has instituted the Annual DSJ Award for corporate excellence
 which is based on a comprehensive evaluation of corporate
 performance. Since its inception, these awards have grown in prestige
 and have come to be a coveted recognition of corporate excellence.
 DSCL has been appointed as Sales Representative for India by the
 Economist Group, Hong Kong. This agreement initially upto September
 1995. DSCL is responsible for generating sales of the Economist
 Intelligence Unit & Business International and for providing after
 sales support. The commission payable to DSCL is 30% of the net price
 (after discount) of new sales of subscription products and research
 reports directly achieved by DSCL. DSCL is structured into three
 principle business divisions:
 a. Publications Division
 This division publishes 6 periodicals (DSJ - 3 editions, Flashnews,
 India Economic Update, DSJ Annuals). The editorial content and
 articles are sourced from DSJ's correspondent network and from news
 agencies. The DSJ Group has an inhouse research division, Corporate
 and Economic Research Centre (CERC) which is manned by a team of
 qualified financial analysts and which contains a database of around
 4200 Indian Corporates. The publications of DSCL obtain data from
 CERC. The printing work of the publications is handled in the press
 division of DSFL. The distribution of DSCL publications are conducted
 through Padode Communications Pvt. Ltd.
 b. Seminars Division
 This division organises and conducts seminars on matters of topical
 interest in the fields of management, finance, marketing, etc.
 International experts their chair these seminars which are designed
 to provide the participants with indepth analysis and commentaries on
 the subject. These seminars are a forum for participants to obtain an
 insight and exchange opinions. DSCL has till date organised three
 seminars including the seminar conducted by Tom Peters on General
 Management and Strategy. 
 c. Research Division
 DSJ intelligence Unit offers research reports on business, industry,
 corporates and economy. It is already producing a weekly primary
 market research report 'PRIMEX' and a monthly 'Market Barometer' for
 institutional clients. It has also researched the information which
 is being marketed in National Stock Exchange Infobank.
 The objects of the Company inter alia, includes the following:
 1. To purchase or otherwise acquire from Messrs. Boom Trading and
 Investment and Messers. Hi Tech Offset Printers all the properties,
 assets, right, title, interest and goodwill in the business of
 Messers Boom Trading and Investments and Messers Hi Tech Offset
 Printers including all interest in land, building, leases, machinery
 and plant whatever interest the said Messers Boom Trading and
 Investments and Messers Hi Tech Offset Printers have in the movable
 and immovable properties and the liabilities as may be incidental
 thereof with a view to enter into an agreement thereto and to carry
 the same into effect with or without modification.
 2. To start, acquire, print, publish and circulate or otherwise deal
 with any newspaper or newspapers, magazine or magazines and other
 publication and to carry on the business of art, printers, colour
 printers, plate printers, etching printers, lithographic printers,
 offset printers, photo-gravure printers, rill form and automatic
 printers and to carry on the business of magazine, periodicals,
 journal proprietors, press agents, news agents, publishers, book
 sellers, book binders, wholesale an retail dealers in stationary and
 The Company vide resolution approved in its Extra Ordinary General
 Meeting dated 1st September, 1993 u/s 149 of the Act has decided to
 commence business in the activities listed below:
 1. To act as management consultants and to provide advice, services,
 consultancy in various fields, general administrative, commercial,
 legal, economical, labour, industrial public, relations, scientific,
 technical direct and indirect taxation and other levies, statistical,
 accountancy, quality control data processing and marketing by holding
 seminars, training workshops or elsewhere in India and abroad and to
 hire consultants and experts for the aforesaid purpose.
 2. To manufacture, buy, sell, import, export, hire, take onlease, to
 exhibit, distribute and to deal in any other manner in films and
 other cinematographic products both of own manufacture or
 manufactured by others, Indian or foreign in or outside India and
 also to engaged agents and other experts, articles for the above or
 any other purposes of the company and to pay and remunerate persons
 so engaged.
 3. To carry on business of media representatives and concessioners
 for India and international including acting as representatives and
 agents of advertisers, media space and time selling and marketing
 Agents, Media space and Time contractors, concessioners, innovators,
 hirers space, time and display rights, distribution rights,
 redistribution rights of television signals in India of Indian and
 international origin, representatives and looking agents /
 contractors / consultants of various mediums of publicity and
 promotions, campaign managers, sponsors for marketing of products,
 market research, marketing consultants, representatives, promoter,
 owners, distributors and holders of right, dealers in films
 cinematographic products, commissioning and processing of copy
 rights, selling and levying of audio, audio-visual material, work of
 Art and Literature.
 4. To purchase, take on hire or otherwise acquire, films, television
 and video rights with exhibiting, distributing and renting of the
 same and to sell, give on hire or otherwise the films, talkies and
 the rights so acquired as well as company's production with their
 exhibiting, distributing and renting rights. 
 5. To set up, operate, newswire service and to collect new, views,
 opinions, information from all parts of world through reporters,
 agents with arrangements with other agencies, through teleprinter,
 telecommunication lines and other modern means of communication in
 India or abroad.
 6. To develop, acquire, design, redesign, compile, improve, databases
 relating to industry, corporates, economy, finance, law, money,
 bullion, commodity and capital markets and to prepare reports,
 directories and other value added products for marketing in India and
 -Spliting of equity share from Rs 10/- each to Rs 1/- each.
Source : Dion Global Solutions Limited
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