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Apt Packagings

BSE: 506979|ISIN: INE046E01017|SECTOR: Chemicals
Apt Packagings is not traded in the last 30 days
Apt Packagings is not listed on NSE
Company History - Apt Packagings
Anil Chemicals Limited (ACL) was incorporated on 24th June, 1980 as a
 Private Limited Company under the name of Anil Chemicals Private
 Limited with the Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra at Bombay. The
 Company was converted into a Public Limited Company in 1985 and
 renamed Anil Chemicals Limited. ACL is engaged in the manufacturing
 of Prilled Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Nitrate -Fuel Oil mixed (ANFO)/
 Emulsified Bulk Explosives and Waterproofing Compounds with plants at
 Chikalthana (M.S.), Panoli (Guj.) , Waidhan(M.P.) and Nandrabad
 Ammonium Nitrate Division
 ACL has been engaged in the manufacturing of Prilled Ammonium Nitrate
 at Chikalthana, Aurangabad since 1983. The plant was set up with
 technical assistance from PDIL, Sindri. The plant manufactures
 chemically coated free flowing, low density/high density, explosive
 grade Pried Ammonium Nitrate. In 1992-93, ACL set up another plant to
 make Granular and Lumps Ammonium Nitrate at Panoli, Gujarat based on
 Ammonium Nitrate Melt from GNFC, Bharuch. With this ACL has been able
 to offer complete range of Ammonium Nitrate to its customers.
 The Company has established itself as a major supplier of various
 grades of ammonium nitrate and enjoys market Share of more than 30%
 in the country today. ACL's major customers includes ACC, Sesa Goa,
 Mineral Ore Exploration Cos.etc.
 Bulk Explosive Division
 As a part of forward integration programme, ACL went into manufacture
 of Ammonium Nitrate-Fuel Oil (ANFO) bulk explosives in 1986-87 at
 Waidhan, Dist.Sidhi, (M.P.) for regular supply of ANFO explosives to
 Northern Coal-fields Ltd., subsidiary of Coal India Limited (CIL).
 ANFO explosives are the latest generation explosives used for the
 mining and have been fast replacing conventional explosives such as
 cartridge explosives etc. due to various inherent advantages of the
 product such as ease of handling, safe in nature, cost effectiveness,
 etc. The
 Company has a long-term contract with CIL for supply of ANFO
 explosives. ACL also has facilities at the same plant for making
 Emulsion Matrix which is used in making Emulsified ANFO Explosives.
 ACL intends to set up similar support plant at Jharsugda, Orissa for
 supply of ANFO Explosives to other subsidiaries of Coal India
 Limited. The expenditure for the plant will be met through internal
 Water Proofing Division
 In 1989-90 ACL diversified into manufacturing of Waterproofing
 Compound (WPC) under technical collaboration with M/s. Atomised
 Materials Inc. USA at Nandrabad near Aurangabad. The Company is
 enlarging its product mix so as to include integral waterproofing
 compound etc., which will
 enable the Company to make its market operations more flexible. The
 performance of this division of the Company has been marginal till
 now due to limited nature of product- mix. The Company is in the
 process of developing more products in the same line to suit the
 different user
 The main objects for which the Company is established are:
 1) to carry on the business of manufacturers of and dealers in
 chemicals, chemical compounds and chemical products including
 explosives, laboratory and scientific chemicals, chemicals of any
 nature used for capable of being used in the explosive industry, all
 types of chemical perfumes and flavouring chemicals, rubber
 chemicals, marine chemicals, petro chemicals, fertilisers, industrial
 chemicals or any
 mixtures, derivatives and compounds thereof, analytical chemicals,
 dry salters, oil and colourmen, manufacturers of and dealers in all
 kinds of heavy chemicals, basis chemicals, acids, alkalies, hormones
 troce, elements, and of electrical chemicals, photographical
 chemicals, drugs,
 medicines, pharmaceuticals, anti-biotics, tammins, extracts,
 essences, photographical, sizing industrial and other preparators,
 preparations solvents, cements oils, paints pigments, lac and
 varnishes, lacquers, finishes, compounds dyes, dye-stuffs, organic or
 mineral intermediates, paints, colour, textile chemicals,
 auxilliaries, cellophane, colours, colouring material, disinfectants,
 insecticides, fungicides, fumigants, weedicides, pesticides,
 deodorants as well as bio- chemical, bleaching preparations etc.,
 2. To carry on the business in India and elsewhere of designing,
 manufacturing, developing, improving, hiring, repairing, buying,
 selling, exporting and dealing in all types of agricultural and
 earth-moving equipment and other machinery, apparatus, tools,
 equipment required for manufacture of explosives, chemicals, dyes
 paints, drugs
 and for application of various explosives.
 3. To carry on the business of industrial consultancy and render
 technical services in the fields of industry.
 Other objects 
 To design, produce, manufacture, sell, distribute, deal in and
 dispose off and/or to engage in the business of various kinds of
 materials including aluminium, collapsible tubes, laminated
 collapsible tubes and other hi-tech packaging material including
 co-extruded plastic tubes and boxes, containers, barrels, of various
 types and forms made of wood, metal, corrugated sheets, tin-plates,
 craft and craft papers, rubber plastics and glass.
 The present and proposed activities of the company are within the
 purview of the objects of the company as set out in the Main Objects
 and Other Object clauses of the Memorandum of Association of the
 M/s Navneet machines Manufacturing Company Ltd. - The company has not
 done any business since inception.
 -Anil Chemicals & Industries Ltd has informed that in accordance to
 the Board Resolution dated March 19, 2008 and subsequent approval of
 the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company dated April 30,
 2008, the name of the Company has been changed to Apt Packaging Ltd
 from Anil Chemicals and Industries Ltd.
Source : Dion Global Solutions Limited
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