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AGC Networks Ltd.

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Company History - AGC Networks
YEAR                                                   EVENTS
 1986 - The Company was Incorporated on 19th August, at Mumbai.  The
        Company was promoted by Tata Industries Ltd. (TIL).
      - The Company's object is to manufacture electronic private
        automatic branch exchange (EPABX).  The Company also provides
        certain services such as software integration, installation,
        commissioning and service support.
      - TIL signed a technical assistance and licence agreement and a
        supplementary agreement with OKI Electric Industry Co. Ltd.
        of Japan.  In terms of the collaboration agreement, OKI would
        provide to the Company know-how for the full range of EPABXs
        starting from 40 lines for their model IX-10 to the IOX
        which goes upto 7,000 lines.
      - The agreement also provided for training of the Company's 
        personnel in OKI's factories and for guarantee of OKI for the
        qualitative and quantitative aspects of EPABXs.  The 
        collaboration agreement would be valid for a period of 5 years
        from the date of commencement of production.  The Company were
        pay OKI technical assistance fees, documentation fees, etc.,
        royalty at the rate of 4% on ex-factory sales less value of
        bought out items as stipulated on the agreement. 
 1987 - 20 shares subscribed for by the signatories to the Memorandum
        of Association.  44,99,980 shares then issued at par out of
        the following shares were reserved and allotted on a firm
      - (i) 26,99,980 shares to promoters, directors etc.,
      - (ii) 1,50,000 shares to UTI
      - (iii) 1,50,000 shares to LIC and
      - (iv) 1,50,000 shares to GIC and its subsidiaries.  Out of the
        remaining 13,50,000 shares, 2,25,000 shares were reserved for
        preferential allotment to employees/workers of the Company
        only 10,200 shares taken up.  The balance 11,25,000 shares
        with the 2,14,800 shares not taken up by employees, offered
        the public in 1988.
 1990 - New service centres were opened at Guwahati, Nagpur, Pune,
        and Baroda.
      - The Research and Development unit introduced 2 new EPABXs a
        line EPABX and a unique `talking' 300 line EPABX.  Notable
        other products introduced was the Automatic Line Test system
        was to significantly improve maintenance and facilities on
        EPABX systems such as those used in steel plants.
 1991 - The Company had executed a technology transfer and licence 
        agreement with Japan Radio Co. Ltd. (JRC) for 30 and 120
        digital UHF equipment.
      - A joint venture agreement was executed for the establishment
 of a
        new company called Trans India Network Systems Pvt. Ltd., in
        technical and financial collaboration with AT & T Network
        International Inc. USA., for the manufacture of SLC 120
        access systems and associated modules, OPTIMUX and 2Mb/S
        and MAR systems.
      - Both AT & T and the Company proposed to take up 50% each in 
        equity capital of the joint venture.
      - A new 150 line PABX was introduced.  The Research and
        unit had developed several new software packages such as a
        call change package and several new features on PABX.  A 
        prototype for 10 channel digital UHF equipment was ready and
        was under installation.
 1993 - The Company issued 56,25,000 No. of equity shares of Rs.10
        at a prem. of Rs.50 per share on rights basis in the prop. of
      - Another 2,81,250 No. of equity shares of Rs.10 each at a prem.
        Rs.50 per share were to be offered on preferential basis to
        employees, including the working directors of the Company on
        equitable basis.  Totally 56,78,700 shares were allotted.
      - 56,78,700 shares allotted to shareholders and employees on
 1994 - The Company introduced latest Digital Paradigm exchanges 
        incorporating state of the art features like ISDN
      - Also, approval was received from TEC, DOT in respect of new
        products like ADPCM Transcoder, 20 channel Digital UHF ratio
      - The Company entered into an agreement with AT&T Corporation
        distribution of Business Communication Products & Voice
        Processing system to support multi media and data
      - Approvals from DOT were received for various products
        2 MB line system, subscriber loop carrier, optimux, combimux
        The Company proposed to launch a number of new products in
        co-operation with Lucent which will provide it with a cutting
        edge in the Telecommunication Industry.
 1995 - The Company also signed a Distributorship Agreement with
        Mobile Communications AB, Sweden and distribution of their 
        cellular phones by the company commenced from March 1996. 
        Telephones including Spectra T-732, Compact S-510 and Astra
        and range of cordless telephones were introduced by the
      - A letter of intent was received to manufacture digital UHF 
        equipment upto 30 channels.  The Company executed an
        with the Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) for
        transfer of technology for manufacture of 10 channel digital
        equipment.  Initially, it was to start with the production of
        10 channel UHF transmission equipment in the 400 and 600 MHz
        band.  The equipment was to open new avenues in Railways and
        Defence areas.  Necessary steps for the implementation of
        project were being taken.
      - With effect from April 1, Tata Keltron Ltd. was merged with
        Company.  In pursuance to the merger scheme, the shareholders
        the erstwhile Tata Keltron Ltd., were allotted 1 equity share
        Rs.10 of the company each of TKL and 10 equity shares of
        each of the Company for every 25 cumulative convertible 
        preference shares of Rs.100 each of TKL.
      - 4,26,692 No. of equity shares allotted to shareholders of 
        erstwhile Tata Keltron Ltd. pursuant to the Scheme of 
 2000 - Tata Telecom launched an advanced range of call centre
 products which
               it has sourced from its joint venture partner Avaya
 Communications (formerly
               Lucent Technologies) in India.
           - Tata Telecom Ltd. is considering hiving off or selling
 TataPhone, its loss-making
              telephone equipment manufacturing division, as part of a
 restructuring plan.
           - Tata Telecom, a the joint venture between the Tatas and
 Lucent Technologies,
              will henceforth be known as a Tata-Avaya.
          - Tatafone, a division of Tata Telecom Ltd, is beng hived
 off into a separate 
             company and would be a 100 per cent subsidiary of the
 Tata group.
 2001 - Tata Telecom has entered into an arrangement with Itel
 Industries, under which
              the whole of the undertaking of the Tataphone division
 of the company will be
             demerged into ITEL.
          - Tata Cellular on June 27 launched its 'voice me' service
 in Andhra Pradesh which 
             would provide voice mode to e-mail.
         -India's first post-paid Internet service on a regular
 telephone line NetReady, was launched by Tata                   
 Teleservices Limited, the private basic service provider in Andhra
          -Tata Teleservices, which has the letter of intents for
 providing basic telephone services
            in 15 other circles, will sign an agreement with the
 department of telecommunications later
            this week to start services in four states  Delhi,
 Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
           - In yet another move to provide continuous connectivity,
 Tata Cellular Ltd (TCL), one of the cellular            operators in
 Andhra Pradesh (AP), launched its third corridor Krishna Corridor
 here on September 5,           connecting a stretch of 384 km.
           - Tata Teleservices Ltd, the private basic telecom services
 operator in Andhra Pradesh, has added 12 more CDMA (code division
 multiple access) cell sites in the twin cities and plans to roll out
 basic services in six more towns by the year-end.
           -  Tata Cellular Ltd on September 27th, announced the
 launch of its cell-phone services in six more centres in Andhra
 Pradesh thereby extending coverage to 82 towns across the State.
 Amadalavalasa, Peddapuram, Ponnur, Tuni, Piduguralla and Kothagudem
 were added to the Tata Cellular network.
           - The department of telecommunications (DoT) has given the
 green signal for the merger of the two cellular operators Birla-AT&T
 and Tata Cellular.
 -Issues Commercial Papers amounting to Rs. 17cr for 90 days.
 -Launches Baat Bees Lakh Ki , which offers 2 lakh prices to reach 6
 lakh customers within 60 days.
 -Talks on merger between Hughes Network Systems and Tata Industries
 was put off because of differences that errupted due to valuation of
 -Raises loans from IDBI to start telecom services in Delhi, Gujarat,
 Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
 -Tata Cellular extends its coverage to 92 towns in AP by launching
 its mobile phone services in 4 towns.
 -Tata Teleservices and Hughes Signs a Memorandum of Understanding.
 -VSNL's Investment in the company is made for a span of 48 months.
 -VSNL overvalues TTL by taking over its 25% stake for Rs.1200 cr.
 -Purchases three Sun Fire 15K a new flagship high-ended system built
 on technologies built by Sun Microsystems.
 -Makes an open offer to acquire upto 20% stake in Hughes Tele com.
 -Introduces its smart-card based, pre-paid calling cards in
 -Alcatel India occupies $12m worth multimedia switching equipment
 order of Tata Teleservices.
 -Inducts a two person transition committee to look into the
 integration of Hughes.
 -Appoints R K Swamy BBDO to find a common brand for its basic telecom
 -Launches the first flexible tariff plans for limited mobility
 services in the country.
 -Worldcom and the company's issue affects the reinsurance plans of
 -Ties up with Indiatimes Infotech to jointly promote enterprise
 communications technologies.
 -Issues fresh Commercial Paper of Rs.200 million , subscribed by UTI
 Bank Ltd with maturity date as Nov 22.
 -Introduces 'Fundoo Calling' a voice porta exclusive for its claims
 aimed at giving more value to its users.
 -Launches its next generation of enterprise class Internet protocol
 solutions (ECLIPS) software and hardware.
 -Foreign shareholding in the company increased to 27.1% from 25.8% .
 -Asks relief from customs/excise duties to fulfill the VPT
 -Declares festival scheme - Phone-tastic offer for all new landline
 -Forfeits 2195 equity shares on account of calls-in-arrears.
 -Introduces its fixed line wireless and CDMA mobile phones systems in
 -FIPB rejects TTL's proposal to issue redeemable preference shares
 and warrants.
 -Completes the acquisition of Hughes Tele com India Ltd and the Board
 of HTIL is changed:
 J J Irani - Chairman
 Mr S Ramakrishnan - Managing Director
 Mr Ishaat Hussain 
 Mr R Gopalakrishnan
 Mr Kishor Chaukar
 Mr Firdose Vandrevala
 -HTIL will be renamed as Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd.
 -Gets TRAI's approval for its WLL tariff plan.
 -Launches its WLL based limited mobility services in Delhi under the
 brand name 'Tata Indicon'.
 -The subscribers of TTSL have crossed 4500 mark.
 -Forays into the Internet Cafe business with the brand name indicom.
 -Motorola receives $43 million contract from the company to deploy
 CDMA  1x network in Mumbai, maharashtra, goa.
 -Slashes STD rates from Rs. 9 per minute to Rs.4.8 per minute.
 -Tata and Avaya in the joint venture agrees to provide hi-tech
 equipment and solutions that will help the companies to optimise
 business continuity, maximise security.
 -Tata Indicom launches Kyocera colour handsets with 4000 colour
 screen and polyphonic ringtones and flashlights.
 -Slashes ISD rates upto 70% in its international long distance
 tariffs for calls to the US, Canada and Europe.
 -Signs OgilvyOne for direct marketing business.
 -Tata Indicom introduces CUG (Closed User Group)  facility
 -Tata Indicom unveils services in Anekal
 -Tata Telecom Ltd, an enterprise communication solutions provider,
 has lined up a series of value added services (VAS) for the growing
 contact centre players seeking to optimise their technology
 investments and provide an integrated view of their applications
 through a common interface. 
 -Tata Telecom gets Rs 1.4 cr video-conferencing deal from UBI
 -Tata group announced that was is selling a 25.1 stake in Tata
 Telecom to its joint venture partner, the New Jersey-based Avaya Inc,
 for approximately $18 million (around Rs 80 crore) in cash, or Rs 220
 a share.
 -Tata Telecom ties up with Avaya to offer SIP solutions
 - Tata Indicom launches push-to-talk (PTT) services, based on
 Qualcomm's BREWChat technology for the first time in India
 Matulya Centre, 'A' Block, 249, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel
 (West), Mumbai - 400013 To 72, Kalpataru Synergy, Opp. Grand Hyatt,
 Vakola, Santacruz - (East), Mumbai - 400055.
 -Avaya Global Connect Ltd has appointed Mr. Rohit Menezes as an
 Additional Director of the Company w.e.f. January 25, 2007.
 - Avaya GlobalConnect Ltd has has appointed Mr. Anil Nair as the
 Managing Director of the Company with effect from April 28, 2009 for
 a period of three (3) years.
 - Avaya GlobalConnect Ltd has informed that the Board of Directors of
 the Company at its meeting held on July 18, 2009, inter alia, has
 appointed (1) Ms. Pamela F Craven (Non-Executive), (2) Mr.
 Christopher Formant (Non-Executive) and (3) Mr. Hoshang Noshirwan
 Sinor (Non-Executive & Independent), as Additional Directors of the
 Company with immediate effect.
 - The name of Avaya GlobalConnect Limited shall be changed to AGC
 Networks Limited and the trading symbol of the Company be changed
 - The board have recommended payment of Dividend of Rs. 4.50 per
 - The Board of Directors has recommended a dividend of Rs. 2.25 per
 -  Mr. Prasad It Subramaniam has been appointed as Head (Finance) of
 the Company.
 - The Board has recommended payment of Dividend of Rs. 15 per share.
 - Mr. Pratik Bhanushali has been appointed as the Company Secretary
 of the Company.
 - AGC Networks has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:1
 -AGC Network  Acquisition of business of Transcend United
 Technologies, US, by US subsidiary (namely AGC Networks Inc.) of the
 -AGC Networks Reorganizes Corporate Structure and Management Team.
 -AGC Networks completes acquisition of Ensource biz
 -AVAYA felicitates AGC with 'Unified Communications Partner of the
 Year' award
 -Avaya and AGC Networks to Deliver Fully Hosted Cloud-Based
 Engagement Solutions to Business across India
 -AGC Networks Steps Up Focus On Customer Satisfaction
 -AGC Networks wins IES Excellence Award
 -AGC networks has said that CYBER-i, the cyber security division of
 AGC Networks has entered into a strategic managed services provider
 (MSP) partnership to offer outcome based managed security services
 across the globe. 
 -AGC Networks Ltd has informed BSE regarding a Press Release dated
 September 08, 2016 titled Darktrace Expands In India with New Partner
 AGC Networks.
 - AGC Networks received Avayas Unified Communications Partner of the
 year Award in Dubai.