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V-Guard Industries Ltd.

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Series: EQ | ISIN: INE951I01027 | SECTOR: Electric Equipment

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Chairman's Speech

Dear Shareholders,

We stand today at the cusp of an exciting moment in our exceptional journey. It is a moment that will define the next phase of our growth story on which we have embarked with a transformational agenda underlined by the rejuvenation of our brand identity.

The new look of V-Guard that you see today symbolises more than just a change in our brand symbol; it marks a change in perception, and a transformation in our business philosophy to make it more relevant to the new-age consumers in resonance with their aspirations.

I welcome you all to join us in the next stage of our journey, on which we have started off as a more vigorous and dynamic entity, with a heightened visionary focus on enlivening the homes and enriching the lives of our growing base of customers.

Happy tidings

Before moving into the next and more exhilarating phase of our odyssey, let us take a moment, however, to reflect back in time on some of the core fundamentals around which the brand V-Guard has been built. An unflinching commitment to quality and service, with solidity, ethics, durability and trust as some of the core values around which the brand has been built. These values will continue to provide a strong foundation to V-Guard as it adapts to the changing consumer landscape and preferences.

We have taken the leap to become a new age, exciting and aspirational brand that will, in many ways, define the future course of our business.

Over the past few years, V-Guard has seen sweeping changes and has overcome many challenges. From being completely dependent on South Indian markets, the Company has built a substantial and profitable non-South business. The Company has demonstrated the ability to expand its product portfolio, and in doing so, set up supply chain and product design capabilities. It has continuously improved its competitiveness by judiciously balancing outsourcing and in-house manufacture.

There have been transformational changes in the organisational capabilities. We always believed that Customer Service was core to our existence. We transformed our conventional delivery model which has given us a lead in Customer Service in the industry. The Supply Chain transformation delivered superior working capital management and enhanced overall competitiveness. Sales force automation redefined the way we conduct business with our trade partners by enabling real time order capture, improving order fulfillment and enhancing field force productivity.

These are critical building blocks to realise our ambition to become one of the most respected brands in the electrical, electronics and appliances segments.

It goes to the credit of the team at V-Guard, across the organisational hierarchy, that your Company successfully negotiated these challenges and delivered consistent and broad-based growth over many years.

To them, and to all those who will join the V-Guard family in the coming months and quarters, I would like to say Happy Tidings’. Let us together, move forward with renewed vitality to translate our new vision into reality, not just for our consumers but for each one of us, and also our extended families.

High on trust

As we now surge forward towards a more challenging future, it gives me great pleasure to see that the organisation we have painstakingly built over the past 40 years is high on momentum and energy, and even higher on consumer trust. What gives me satisfaction is that the V-Guard we see today is smarter and more focussed in its growth strategy than ever before. These, in my opinion, are imperatives for the smart living culture that the consumers of today are imbibing which is guiding their lifestyle and choice of products. And by aligning ourselves to their evolving aspirations, we are augmenting the core of trust that has been at the centre of our business philosophy since inception.

At this important juncture in our growth journey, I would like to urge all stakeholders, including our employees, partners and vendors, to adopt smarter ways of doing business to ensure that the needs of our consumers for smart products and solutions becomes a realisable goal for them through the V-Guard brand. Hence, it is extremely vital for us to stay relevant in the transforming business landscape, evolving with consumer needs in the markets in which we are present as well as in new markets where we are keen to harness opportunities for growth. Smarter and better ways of doing business will result in products and solutions that will help us achieve our aim of enlivening homes and enriching lives.

Growing responsibly

Trust, as I mentioned, is central to our growth philosophy. We are continuously transforming to create a more enabling environment for the progress, not just of the Company and its stakeholders but the society at large. As a responsible corporate, we have structured our growth strategy to make it sustainability-oriented, and intricately woven around the lives of the people in the communities close to our operations. From environmental to social responsibility, we remain highly focussed on ensuring the positive impact of our actions across our business value chain. We continue to scale up our CSR engagement year-on-year as it is our constant endeavour to reach out proactively to the underprivileged in the vicinity of our business units.

On a concluding note

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that the transformation that we, at V-Guard, have undertaken will pave the way for further strengthening our consumer-centric, people-led value proposition. The roadmap we have charted in line with our new brand philosophy will propel our inclusive growth strategy, to which we remain committed in the present and for the future.

On this note, let me thank all the stakeholders of the Company for their continued support and cooperation. With their help, we shall cross many more milestones, to touch countless lives in bigger and better ways.

Warm Regards


Kochouseph Chittilapilly