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Shankara Building Products Ltd.

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Annual Report

For Year :
2019 2018

Chairman's Speech

Chairman''s Message

Dear Shareholders,

It gives me great pleasure in welcoming you to the 24th Annual General Meeting of your Company.

I am happy to report to you that in spite of an uncertain environment, and certain challenges arising from global raw material pressures and natural calamities, your Company remained on track with its vision of being India''s first retail chain for building products.

These challenges notwithstanding, our company continues to follow high standards of corporate governance and views it as more of an ethical imperative than merely adhering to regulatory requirements. We are proud that our growth and transformation over the last few years has come from staying the course for long term sustainability without taking convenient short term decisions or compromising on our obligations to society at large.

The year gone by

There is no doubt that the business environment has been challenging in the last financial year. Let me share with you the operating environment and the headwinds the Company faced in a highly competitive market.

Thereafter, I shall outline the actions the Company has taken to ensure strong profitable growth.

The year started off on a positive note. The first half of FY 201 8-19 was in fact good. There was a revenue growth of 23% which is commendable. However, there were sudden and strong headwinds in the second half.

The sharp increases in raw material prices, especially steel coupled with an inability to increase end user prices was a double whammy. This had impact on margins as well as inventory.

Overall, we delivered a revenue growth of 4%. We recorded EBITDA margin of 4.7% (vs 6.9% last fiscal) and PAT margin of 1.2%.

While the company is increasing its focus on diversifying into building products, there is still a large dependence on steel which hit us last fiscal. Further, our business has legacy elements which impact us in our journey to be a retail building products chain. That resulted in a y-o-y fall of 11.6% in sales vs last year in the second half of the year.

Focus on cash flow and financial strength

I must stress here that there were a number of important and good things that the company did to improve its overall financial position. For one, there was a huge focus on cash flow. The thrust on debtors saw a reduction in debtors from Rs.424 cr in Q4 FY 1 8 to Rs.334 cr in Q4 FY 1 9. I am happy to inform you that the company had an operating cash flow in fiscal 2019 of Rs.1 71 crores (versus Rs.40 crores in FY 1 8).

Our debt is down so finance costs too are decreasing. The debt equity ratio which was 0.70 in Q1 FY 19 came down to 0.38 in Q4. We have also reduced our operating costs, restructured some of the operations, and the results should be visible in the coming quarters. Our focus on building balance sheet strength and sales on cash as opposed to credit also impacted margins.

As you can appreciate, we moved swiftly to take corrective measures to keep the company on a sound financial footing for the forthcoming years.

Retail focus

Our retail focus is increasing. From 51% in Q1 it increased to 57% by Q4. You will recall that retail was just 40% merely 3 years back. As the company steps up its retail operations, and the number of items and complexity increases, it is facing some pressure on retail margin which are slightly down in the short term.

In a sense, as far as retail is concerned, your company in many ways is still a startup. It is an evolutionary process. Since there is no other comparable company in India, we are charting our own path.

De focus on non-critical areas

We are open to considering divesting certain parts of our business that are not adding value to the overall growth strategy of the firm. To that end, the management has identified assets for sales in Chegunta unit of a subsidiary, Taurus, which is subject to shareholder approval.

The rationale for this - Taurus does not have substantial capacities to avail scale benefits nor does it make sense to increase capacity in these market conditions. This sale of assets will help release funds, both from fixed assets and working capital, and further strengthen the consolidated balance sheet of Shankara. With the residual capacities, our focus on value added, bespoke products will increase.

Growing product portfolio and customer engagement

The company is clear on its focus to be a One Stop Shop Solution for building products for our customers. To that end, it is constantly increasing product offerings and creating depth in the existing product categories to create an engaging shopping experience for customers. It is also expanding its retail presence through organic and inorganic routes.

The India growth story

The uncertainty in the environment has continued in the current financial year as well. The conclusion of the ongoing general elections and the installation of a new government should hopefully provide political stability. There have been certain path-breaking policies such as GST, RERA and ambitious programmes such as affordable housing that hold significant promise for healthy growth of the building products industry over the medium term.

Going forward, I am confident of your Company''s abilities and competence to scout for opportunities amidst this volatility and drive the business forward with focus and determination.


The core and evolving consumer needs continue to be at the core of all our actions and initiatives. Last fiscal, your company''s focus was on strengthening itself financially in the midst of strong headwinds. The focus was clearly on consolidation and financial prudence.

We believe that your company is in a reorientation phase before capitalizing on the growth opportunities. We are in it for the long term.

The last year was tough and truly tested us. We believe that we have taken the right measures to set the business back on the growth path. Our credit ratings are healthy and the focus on balance sheet strength will continue. As your Company enters its 25th year of operations, I look forward to very strong years of growth ahead of us.

I take confidence from the continued support provided by all our stakeholders as we forge ahead.

I convey my deepest appreciation for the effort of all our employees. My sincere thanks and appreciation to our fellow Directors on the Board for their guidance. My gratitude to our bankers, customers and suppliers. On behalf of the Shankara board, I also thank you all, our valued shareholders, for your continued support.

Warm Regards

V. Ravichandar