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Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd.


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Series: BE | ISIN: INE164B01022 | SECTOR: IT Services & Consulting

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Annual Report

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Chairman's Speech

Dear Shareholders,

It is my privilege to write to you on this occasion as we present our Annual Report for FY18. Your Company is emerging as the preferred digital transformation partner for some of the leading enterprises across the globe. We have reported a growth of 27.1% for FY18,with digital revenues showing an impressive 67.61% increase Y-o-Y. This superlative performance marks our future-readiness to accelerate clients’ digital transformation journey.

In 2017, we continued to live the philosophy of delivering infinite possibilities with technology and translated it into exceptional performance with our deeply-rooted industry expertise, contextual knowledge, and depth in the digital and intellectual property. As we surge ahead we are signing several mega-deals that have strengthened our business model. Whether it was the Artificial Intelligence (AI) deal that we signed with a large Travel & Hospitality Company, or the deal with the largest medical technology manufacturer in the US to redefine the customer journey using an advanced Cloud-based, digital healthcare platform, we have been helping clients embrace digital transformation at their core. The credit of building further on our momentum goes to our progressive ecosystem of employees, clients, and partners. Our employees have made this possible with their strong customer focus, relentless efforts, and an agile mindset. By creating advanced and agile solutions, our employees are empowering organizations to realize a new kind of ‘potential’ they haven’t thought of before. I would like to extend our heartiest gratitude to our clients, who have believed in us and have given us an opportunity to be a part of their transformational phase. What sets us apart from the competition is our focus on outcomes and our ability to learn and grow with our clients. Instead of following an abstract strategy of meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs), we make incremental changes after carefully planning and accelerate digital transformation while neutralizing the potential barriers. I would also like to take this opportunity to personally thank each of our shareholders for their continuing support, confidence, and trust in our capabilities.

Growing Digital Capabilities

Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC) is the flavor of IT service companies. The size of the overall SMAC industry globally is expected to be close to $1 trillion by 2020. From the Indian software industries’ point of view, it will be $15 billion within the next three years and over $225 billion by 2020.

With increased automation and platform-based services, analysts agree that SMAC technologies will become table stakes and will allow the IT industry to offer more value to clients. The growth of IT companies will also be dictated by the evolving digital capabilities—IoT 2.0, RPA, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Conversational Bots. IoT 2.0 brings intelligence to the edge devices. According to Gartner, an estimated 20 billion IoT edge devices will emerge by 2020.This brave new era of edge computing will ensure near-real-time data analysis, reduced bandwidth usage between the edge and the cloud, and advanced AI. Robotics Process Automation enhances operational excellence. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 40% of large global organizations will adopt RPA. Industries like insurance, financial services and retail have already taken the lead, while manufacturing, healthcare, and many others will increase the traction in years to come. Blockchain redefines trust. Blockchain is emerging from the shadows and making its way into the future. The overall spend on the technology is expected to grow to more than $2.1 million in the next year. Artificial Intelligence creates a virtual workforce. Organizations are leveraging AI in various aspects of the business. It delivers smarter, intelligent decisions, beyond robot-aided functions. Machine learning gaining traction in digital businesses. According to Gartner, machine learning is seeping into everything and will remain among the top technology trends for the next five years. Conversational Bots performs real-world tasks. Google has announced Google Duplex, a conversational bot that can make real-life conversations with humans to make an appointment at a hair salon or a restaurant chain, and much more. This groundbreaking technology was announced by Sundar Pichai this year to help 60% of small businesses in the US.

Against this backdrop, your Company is playing a leading role in accelerating enterprises digital transformation journey and focusing on these exponential technologies to cross new frontiers of performance and deliver excellence.

Reflecting the growing importance of digital, your Company has been the biggest proponent of strategic innovation across multiple areas. Our investments in next-generation transformational technology such as Augmented Realityare also playing a key role in delivering tangible value to our clients. Our passion for technology and commitment to building digital capabilities at scale has delivered exceptional levels of growth and performance to businesses. We’re working on our mission of transforming the digital ecosystem that integrates through cloud and edge computing giving an edge over traditional IoT, bringing intelligence everywhere.

Awards and Recognitions

Your Company is seen as the disruptor of the status quo and our success in the past 1 year has been endorsed by prestigious awards and recognition. We were ranked third time among the fastest growing technology company on the Deloitte Technology Fast50 India 2017. This award is a testament of our continued focus on innovating and delivering digital transformation services while remaining agile and responsive to our client’s needs.

Going the Extra Mile to Expand our Footprints

Last year saw a steady acceleration and we used the opportunity to acquire a new company to further our growth and transformation agendas. PlanetPro acquisition opened the doorway to Singaporean and Indian markets with higher untapped potential and a lot of mainstream opportunities. PlanetPro provides, Analytics, and Custom Program services to enterprise clients. The company specializes in improving sales and marketing performance of businesses by delivering actionable insights through analytics and leveraging the power of and its ecosystem of applications. It also delivers bespoke programs designed to improve sales and marketing effectiveness.

This new addition to Kellton Tech’s ever-expanding global clout has not only strengthened your Company’s analytics offerings across functional domains and technology platforms but also leveraged its potential of becoming the next-level behemoth in the digital innovation space.

Research and Innovation

Your Company is driven by an inherent tendency to push the learning agenda and innovate continuously. Our continued investments in research and innovation, establishing partnerships, and getting our team future-ready in generating next-gen technology advancement have strengthened our position in the market. We have developed an IoT-enabled AI platform—Optima—that have helped differentiate Kellton Tech. Optima accelerates enterprises digital transformation journey through data management, workflow management, business process management, predictive and prescriptive analytics, exponential growth in productivity, and operational efficiency.

We are highly focused on simplifying the businesses complex tasks of aggregating data and creating dashboards for various levels of management. Bet ter leverage of technology and assets is ensured through a strong innovation thrust.

In addition to the investments in the innovation programs, we are also aligning our investments with technology shifts and trends to strengthen our value proposition and stay ahead in our journey of disrupting businesses.


Kellton Tech finds strength in its incredibly diverse, inclusive, and talented workforce. It is for their sustained and honest efforts that we are dynamically evolving as a global technology leader, and branching out to the Asia-Pacific region and other developing markets without an endpoint.

From industry leaders to mid-level managers, we have hand-picked each individual to foster an environment of creativity, excellence, and ambition. The whole thrust of Kellton Tech’s work force strategy is to upskill and reskill the employees and ignite a wave of strong digital talent in the company. We continue to invest our energies and thoughts into cultivating a healthy work force that aligns itself to the expectations and needs of the customer.

On behalf of the Board of directors of Kellton Tech, I want to again thank our clients, employees, shareholders, and stakeholders for their continued support and encouragement.

Warm Regards

Niranjan Chintam

Executive Chairman

Kellton Tech