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Annual Report

For Year :
2018 2016

Chairman's Speech

Dear Shareholders,

My heartiest greetings to you on behalf of Ceinsys Tech Limited. It is an honour and privilege to share with you the company’s performance highlights for Fiscal 2018 and its plan for the future. In today’s highly competitive world, the only way to survive is to stay ahead. Successful organisations are the ones who embrace this “Mantra” and blend seamlessly into the ever-changing business environment.

Ceinsys Tech Limited has, over the years, evolved from being a small CAD training institute to a highly successful and reputed technology solution provider in Geospatial, Engineering and IT Solutions for Infrastructure, Government, Defence, and Security Domains. We can proudly claim to be one of the leading geospatial technology players in India. Over the time, Ceinsys has consistently reinvented its solution offerings to clients while adapting to changing business needs with quick turnaround times. Ceinsys’ updated solution offering has provided a very stable business platform for the coming years.

Being nimble and agile across all aspects of the business, Ceinsys is addressing the changing market conditions. Keeping pace with customer’s requirements, Ceinsys has been on a transformation journey and over the years has invested it’s time as a team in learning, experimenting and exploring new technologies. Last year, we rebranded the corporate identity with a new structure of Company’s business offering and services. The Company’s vision for the change was right, as we see the difference we are making. With the growth of economy poised to be powered by the twin engines of Infrastructure development and Digital economy, your company has entirely aligned its focus and investments creating the capability to deliver a world-class geospatial, engineering, and IT solutions for Water, Roads, Railways, Ports, Energy, State Governments and Urban Local Bodies. We are blending a unique and robust relationship model with world’s best technology providers with robust solutions capabilities.

Your company takes evident pride in working for NHAI, Karnataka Watershed Department (a World Bank funded project) and many such projects of National and State importance.

Accurate data acquisition will be a necessary condition for such projects, and I am glad to share with you that your Company has invested in ownership of high-end equipment like Mobile LiDAR and UAV, enabling its customers to capture, visualise and monitor highly accurate data.

Apart from managing essential projects as mentioned above, with this technology your company will also help the country in preserving accurate digital twins of its priceless heritage monuments and structures which will play a critical role in their preservation.

Apart from an investment made in purchasing top-of-the-line Mobile LiDAR and UAV Drone equipment, your Company is focusing heavily on becoming an active player in the Web GIS arena. Web GIS is the technology of the future with all types of organisations realising the value of location in their data and with technologies like RFID, IoT and high volume data collection facilities through LiDAR becoming more frequent. With the Company’s partnerships with the world’s leading technology platforms and building a dominant team comprising of industry veterans and young but experienced development and technology stalwarts, we aspire to be the Company of choice for any organisation planning to implement Web GIS solution comparable to any other in the world. Many projects like the World Bank project mentioned above and projects for Municipalities, State Governments, Smart Cities and Utilities will provide the required technology edge to various organisations for smart, effective and efficient operations through Company’s implementation capabilities.

It is now the time that we build on this rich and diverse portfolio and take it to the next level of growth by showcasing robust technology solutions spectrum, conveying intent in addressing new domains and project Ceinsys as a World Class IT organisation. The Government of India has undertaken significant structural changes mainly related to demonetization and GST. These twin actions would have long-term benefits on the economy and the same are going to be a significant game changer in the long term and will spur growth and consumption. I am of the view that in the coming year, we should see a GDP growth of 7.5 to 8%. The Government of India is determined for development in multiple sectors which also include Infrastructure, Government and Defence and Security domains which are also the central focus area ofyour company.


The budget for 2018-19 has allocated a massive outlay for infrastructure at INR 6Lakh Crores approximately which is nearly a 20% increase over the revised estimates of FY-18. The new budget will undoubtedly accelerate various infrastructure projects like Roads, Highways, Ports Development and more. The Ministry of Roads and Highways has planned to convert 2 lakh KMs of roads into Four Lane by 2022. All these will boost demand for consulting and technology solutions for a company like yours.


India’s Geospatial market has grown at a CAGR of 12.9% over the years. The government is focusing on enormous investment for supply and maintenance of Geospatial data and creating infrastructure GIS Data integration and various solution developments which will open new opportunities for a company like yours.

Defence and Security:

Geographic Information System (GIS) plays a pivotal role in Military operations as they are inherently spatial in nature. The concepts of Command, Control, Communication, and Coordination in military operations are primarily dependent on the availability of accurate information to arrive at quick decisions for operational orders. In the present digital era, GIS is an excellent tool for Military commanders in the operations. The use of GIS applications in defence forces has revolutionised the way in which these forces operate and function. Military forces use GIS in a variety of applications including cartography, intelligence, battlefield management, terrain analysis, remote sensing, military installation management and monitoring of possible terrorist activity.

Your Company’s strategic and early investments in the technology have positioned it well to benefit from the immense opportunities that lie ahead.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Stakeholders for their continued trust, confidence and support. I would also like to place on record my sincere gratitude to the Board Members for their guidance and appreciate all the Employees for their dedication, innovation and hard work.

Warm Regards,

Sagar Meghe

Chairman & Managing Director