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Adani Power Ltd.


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Annual Report

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Chairman's Speech

Chairman’s Communique

Powering India, powering ahead.

Dear Stakeholders,

Greetings! We are living in interesting times. India continues to be the world’s fastest growing economy. We are expected to become the world’s fifth largest economy by the end of this year. Our country is expected to see an investment of a trillion dollars in infrastructure, split evenly between public and private sector resources, and is on its way to becoming a $ 5 trillion economy over the next five years.

India at an inflection point

In the recently concluded General Elections, the mandate received by the Government is an indication that the citizens of our country have voted for stability in support of a vision that addresses large segments of the society in a fashion and scale that will radically change India’s development trajectory. In an analysis published earlier this year, the World Economic Forum predicted that India will lift 2.5 crores more households out of poverty over the next decade, thereby reducing the share of households below the poverty line to 5%. For a size of our country, these are staggering statistics and a harbinger of hope and optimism for the entire nation. Undoubtedly, there will be challenges and unpredictability, but there cannot be any denying the fact that the ambitions of our nation are taking shape in a manner that is transformative and exciting and India is at an inflection point.

The Transformation of the Adani Group

For the Adani Group, FY 2018-19 was also a year of inflection. Each of our six publicly traded Group companies delivered record financial performance and made tangible progress in further consolidating their individual positions as industry leaders in every segment of our operations. In this context, it would be appropriate to mention the importance of the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission’s landmark decision to approve Adani Power’s Mundra power plant’s petition for higher tariff. This was the biggest challenge we had to overcome and is a reflection as much of the Group’s tenacity to pursue what it believes is justified, as much a reflection of the fairness of the Indian regulatory and judicial systems. Each one of the Group companies are now growth platforms that, while mutually independent, can draw upon the management and leadership synergies that exist within the Group.

India Power Scenario continues to be volatile

Despite being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, per capita power consumption in India is about a third of the global average. There is significant headroom for growth in view of our demographics and projected economic outlook. The availability of power will be a critical enabler of the nation’s ambitious growth targets over the next decade.

In FY19, India’s annual power demand increased 5.15% while generating capacity increased only 3.5% with slowing down of investment in baseload capacities. Thermal power remains the mainstay of baseload power accounting for more than 50% of the installed GW capacity in the country. Efficiently operated thermal power plants that fulfil the nation’s baseload requirements are likely to remain crucial as power demand continues to grow.

Reforms happening and needs acceleration

Various regulatory and judicial orders which provide restitution for higher fuel costs and carrying costs for regulatory claims will help improve the financial strength and yield a greater amount of certainty to future earnings. However, there is a need for continued reforms and equitable measures in order to encourage further private sector investments to achieve the objective of 24x7 reliable power for all. Critical issues are improving domestic fuel availability and proactively addressing the challenges posed by greater share of intermittent power generation to the grid.

APL committed to providing power to those who need it the most

As India’s largest private thermal power producer, we remain committed to catering to the growing power demand in India as well as our neighbouring countries. We will also continue to explore selected highly quality distressed assets with attractive valuations, for inorganic capacity addition opportunities.

Our 1,600 MW power project at Godda in Jharkhand will supply power through a dedicated transmission line to Bangladesh. This project marks our foray into ultra-supercritical technology, which offers greater plant efficiency with lower emissions.

These investments are a reflection of our belief that a baseload that is partially met by thermal power is critical to help provide an opportunity to the 300 million people of our country that need power to help transform their lives.

Environment, Social Responsibility & Governance

Along with our focus on the financial and operational performance, we are equally committed to continue strengthening our corporate governance practices. In line with this, we have implemented a strict policy for related party transactions. We will include assessments by internal business teams, review through an external agency and conduct due diligence by an Executive Committee consisting of Board of Directors, to ensure transparency that all transactions are at an arm’s length. These steps are in addition to the existing regulatory requirements.

The Adani Foundation continues to go about its objective of making a difference to the lives of the various communities the Group touches.

Our foundation initiatives now reach across 18 states and 2,250 villages and towns touching over 5,00,000 families. Along with the growth of the business, it is this goodness that makes our efforts meaningful.

Growth with Goodness

In closing, I thank all our stakeholders for their continued support and conviction in our philosophy of Growth with Goodness. We are committed to continuing our exciting journey of growth with the support and guidance of our customers, employees, shareholders, bankers, governments and the Board. We will continue to be an active contributor to nation building, adding value to our product portfolio and exploring new opportunities that contribute to the growth of our business and the nation.

Gautam Adani