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The e-Spark unveiled

GM motors in collaboration with the REVA Electric Car company have unveiled the e-Spark, a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). The car was unveiled by Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixhit. The BEV is based on the current Spark platform and is a four door hatchback with automatic transmission. The e-Spark is equipped with an intelligent Driver Display system that provides all the vital signals on the dashboard enabling better and safe driving. It has an electric drive AC motor that propels the car as soon as the accelerator is pressed. The e-Spark also has a regular drive mode and a boost mode, which provides added power through a high torque AC electric motor. It sports safety features similar to the Chevrolet Spark. The E-Spark is currently being tested for its driveability and will also have an intelligent energy management system to ensure proper charging of batteries and to provide electric power to the motor according to the driving style of the consumer. This system will also ensure maximum driving range in all conditions. The e-Spark will also have a Regenerative Braking System, wherein the charge will be circulated back to the battery each time the brakes are applied. Here is the original press release:

"Honourable Chief Minister of Delhi, Smt. Sheila Dixit unveils GM Indias Plug-in Electric Car the e-Spark

New Delhi, Jan 7, 2010:  The Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi, Smt.Sheila Dixit today unveiled General Motors Indias Electric Car (e-Spark) in New Delhi, in the presence of Mr. Karl Slym, President and MD of General Motors India and the Dy. Chairman of REVA Electric Car Company, Mr. Chetan Maini.  The E-Spark has been manufactured by GM India in technical collaboration with REVA, pioneers in the electric car domain.  This is in line with GM India and REVAs commitment   to
introduce environment friendly mobility solutions in the country.

The e-Spark is GM Indias bold move into the Battery Electric Vehicle segment and will be Indias first 4-door Passenger Electric Vehicle. This is a path breaking initiative that has the ability to re-define how automotive companies in India working in partnership plan for future mobility solutions keeping the carbon footprints and environmental issues in mind. The e-Spark will be one of the leading platforms of GM in India in its Drive to Green initiative. The e-Spark is a domestic initiative of GM in India in collaboration with Reva Electric Car Company.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Karl Slym, President and Managing Director, GM India said, "GMs ability to develop platforms and REVAs capability in developing electric drive-trains and control systems will result in the consumer having a wider choice of EVs. We hope Central and State government will extend t he necessary support to develop the necessary  infrastructure for electric vehicle charging and providing specific financial benefits to consumers, who make the choice to adopt
an environment-friendly mode of personal transport. We look forward to the support of the Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi in our Drive to Green initiative, Mr. Slym said. "

__PAGEBREAK__Mr. Chetan Maini, Deputy Chairman and CTO, Reva Electric Car Company in his speech said, "We aim to make India a global hub for the development and manufacture of electric vehicles and related technologies. I am extremely happy that we have found a partner in GM India that shares our passion for reducing carbon emissions and look forward to the continued patronage of the Honourable Chief Minister, Smt. Sheila Dixit who has always been a strong supporter of green technology.  Her continued support and blessings will take this initiative to large scale adoption of EVs in the years to come." Mr. Maini added.

The e-Spark is a true Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). It is going to be based on the existing Chevrolet Spark architecture. The vehicle will be equipped with a host of smart consumer friendly features. The e-Spark will be an "automatic drive" four-door car owing to its unique propulsion system; therefore will be extremely easy to drive without the hassles of using a clutch in the dense city traffic conditions. The easy drive system will be coupled with an equally informative and intelligent Driver Display system that will provide all the necessary and vital signals on the dashboard, easily visible to the driver.

The Electric Drive AC Motor provides 100% torque on tap as soon as the accelerator pedal is pressed down. This leads to fantastic acceleration performance. The e-Spark will have a Regular Drive Mode and a Boost Mode that will provide power to the vehicle through a high torque AC electric motor. The Boost Mode will provide additional torque to the driver for a short duration to manage driving style and during those critical moments on the go!

The car will come with similar safety standards as on the Chevrolet Spark and will have class leading active and passive safety features such as Directional and Torque Security System ensuring that the EV driving experience is best in class. Multi-layer safety redundancies built into the electrical architecture will make the e-Spark a safe and trouble-free vehicle providing miles of happy motoring. The e-Spark is currently being tested in host of driving terrains, conditions including testing at International Proving Grounds to ensure that the vehicle conforms to the highest motoring standards of General Motors.

It will have an Intelligent Energy Management System that will ensure proper charging of the batteries and will provide the electric power to the motor as per the driving style of the consumer while ensuring that the driveable range of the vehicle is optimized at all given times. This system enhances the efficiency of the batteries and will add to the overall vehicle reliability. The Regenerative Braking System further enhances efficiency by adding back charge to the battery system every time the brakes are applied.

The e-Spark will come equipped with Remote Diagnostics System that will allow Service Engineers to monitor each car remotely for vital parameters and customers can be informed in advance if the need arises. This will minimize vehicle downtime and allow for advance readiness for vehicle servicing prior to arrival at service stations. General Motors also held a green drive on the opening day of the on-going 10th Auto Expo in New Delhi. The e-Spark will enjoy the service support of the wide dealer network of Chevrolet in India and will be available for sale in India shortly."