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Foreign Direct Investment (US $ Mn.)

Breakouts Today Price on NSE 31 Aug 17:00

Company Close 30 DMA
Alphageo 401.40 367.05
Diamond Power 44.20 41.01
Creative Eye 3.60 3.39
Company Close 50 DMA
Creative Eye 3.60 3.23
Rajvir Ind 47.40 44.40
Diamond Power 44.20 41.86
Company Close 150 DMA
Servalakshmi 3.45 3.23
Rajvir Ind 47.40 44.93
Pil Italica 18.10 17.29
Company Close 200 DMA
Barak Vally Cem 16.70 15.60
Century Extr 1.65 1.59
Cipla 682.15 661.49

Candlestick Patterns »

Company Close UP%

Piercing Line

Company Close UP%
Uniphos Enterpr 42.75 14.77
Donear Ind 14.60 6.18
Genus Paper 3.15 5.00
Company Close UP%
Superhouse 161.00 46.88
Adi Finechem 196.90 45.05
Emkay Taps 325.00 2.15
Company Close UP%
Malu Paper 12.50 21.36
Uniphos Enterpr 42.75 15.23
Excel Infoways 31.20 11.43
Company Close UP%
Integra Garment 1.80 0.00

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