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Board Meetings - List of Board Meetings along with dates.

Company Name



Allahabad Bank 28-Aug-2015 Others
Andhra Cement 28-Aug-2015 Audited Results
Matra Realty 28-Aug-2015 Others
Angels Ent 28-Aug-2015 Consolidation of Shares
Aseem Global 28-Aug-2015 Others
Adhunik Metalik 28-Aug-2015 Audited Results & Dividend
Archana Soft 28-Aug-2015 Others
Blue Blends 28-Aug-2015 Appointment & Resignation of Director
Sterling Intl 28-Aug-2015 Audited Results
C & C Construct 28-Aug-2015 Audited Results
Chaman Lal Seti 28-Aug-2015 Dividend & Stock Split
FCS Software 28-Aug-2015 Others
Ram Minerals 28-Aug-2015 Audited Results & Others
Innoventive Ind 28-Aug-2015 Audited & Quarterly Results
Kesar Petro 28-Aug-2015 Dividend & Others
Lypsa Gems 28-Aug-2015 Others
Magna Ind 28-Aug-2015 Others
Mount Shivalik 28-Aug-2015 Audited Results
Matru-Smriti 28-Aug-2015 Others
Net 4 India 28-Aug-2015 Quarterly Results
P and G 28-Aug-2015 Audited Results & Dividend
Panafic Ind 28-Aug-2015 Audited Results & Dividend
Premier Synth 28-Aug-2015 Others
Raj Agro Mills 28-Aug-2015 Others
Rubber Products 28-Aug-2015 Others
Chhattisgarh 28-Aug-2015 Others
RR Finance 28-Aug-2015 Quarterly Results
Sanghi Ind 28-Aug-2015 Audited Results
Sunstar Realty 28-Aug-2015 Others
Sujana Metal 28-Aug-2015 Others
Kreon Fin Serv 28-Aug-2015 Others
Tatia Global 28-Aug-2015 Others
Tatia Skylines 28-Aug-2015 Others
UCAL Fuel 28-Aug-2015 Others
Vijay Solvex 28-Aug-2015 Others
Neo Infracon 29-Aug-2015 Increase in Authorized Capital
Anka Ind 29-Aug-2015 Others
Agarwal Ind 29-Aug-2015 To Increase in Authorised Share Capital
Centrum Capital 29-Aug-2015 Audited Results & Dividend
Cethar Ind 29-Aug-2015 Audited Results
Meglon Infra 29-Aug-2015 Shifting of Registered office
IEC Education 29-Aug-2015 Others
Gillette India 29-Aug-2015 Quarterly Results & Dividend
Lyka Labs 29-Aug-2015 Audited Results
LN Industries 29-Aug-2015 Others
Marsons 29-Aug-2015 Quarterly Results
Sylph Tech 29-Aug-2015 Others
Omega Ag-Seeds 29-Aug-2015 Others
Orissa Sponge 29-Aug-2015 Audited Results
Sharon Bio Medi 29-Aug-2015 Audited Results
Surabhi Chemica 29-Aug-2015 Others
Mangal Credit 29-Aug-2015 Others
Kellton Tech 29-Aug-2015 Audited Results
Hinduja Found 30-Aug-2015 Appointment of Directors
Polson 30-Aug-2015 Quarterly Results
Anil 31-Aug-2015 Others
BSEL Infra 31-Aug-2015 Others
Digital Electro 31-Aug-2015 Audited Results
Dishman Pharma 31-Aug-2015 Quarterly Results
Palred Tech 31-Aug-2015 Others
KDJ Holidayscap 31-Aug-2015 Stock Split & Others
JIK Industries 31-Aug-2015 Others
Malu Paper 31-Aug-2015 Others
Scan Steels 31-Aug-2015 Others
Petron Engg 31-Aug-2015 Quarterly Results
Ruby Mills 31-Aug-2015 Bonus Issue
TRF 31-Aug-2015 Quarterly Results
Birla Capital 01-Sep-2015 Quarterly Results
Dhabriya Poly 01-Sep-2015 Bonus Issue & Others
Elder Healthcar 01-Sep-2015 Quarterly Results
Maha Rasht Apex 01-Sep-2015 Others
Murli 01-Sep-2015 Others
Apis India 01-Sep-2015 Dividend on Preference Shares
Tiger Logistics 01-Sep-2015 Bonus Issue & Others
Kailash Auto 02-Sep-2015 Others
PMC Fincorp 02-Sep-2015 Others
PVD Plast Mould 02-Sep-2015 Appointment of President
Tecpro Systems 02-Sep-2015 Audited Results
Gayatri Project 03-Sep-2015 Others
IZMO 03-Sep-2015 Others
Nissan Copper 03-Sep-2015 Others
Tamil Telecom 03-Sep-2015 Others
Khoday India 04-Sep-2015 Quarterly Results
Tamil Telecom 04-Sep-2015 Others
Bata India 19-Sep-2015 Others
Venlon Polyeste 31-Oct-2015 Quarterly Results

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