Stock tracker
Portfolio tracker
An expert stock tracker for just
Re 1 a day
Here’s what you’ll get..
Breaking news that can impact your stock price
Recommendations and views from experts on CNBC-TV18.
Price alerts on stocks of your choice daily.
High and low price trigger alerts.
Unusual volume, price movements, and bulk deals on your stocks.
Also Announcement and Notices by the company, rights,
dividend, splits bonus declared, and Calendar/AGM alerts.
What’s more...
at no additional charge you can.
Replace stocks in your existing list
Modify the time you would like receive the price alerts
Customise your upper and lower price cutoff trigger or
Deactivate any of alerts
Pause your alerts at any time
* Subscription period will remain the same
Value added services
Unlimited and timely SMS's updates on news, views,
recommendations, market action etc
Free Budget Pack - Get all key highlights and impact analysis
Market alerts – Sensex, Nifty levels and sectoral gainers and losers
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Existing users Edit/ Modify/ Renew portfolio tracker package
Existing users Edit/ Modify/ Renew stock tracker package
Note - Ban on SMS
Please note that the latest ruling by the Government of India temporarily bans sending bulk SMSes for the next 15 days. This may affect our ability to send out the SMSes. This service will be promptly resumed on September 1.