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3 key metrics to track in a SaaS business

Cloud has changed the very paradigm of software delivery, turning it into a service »

Jan 18 2013, 19:18

Will digitisation improve media company economics?

The resulting consumer behaviour changes will soon spiral up the industry chain and the players who absorb them early into their marketing mix will ge... »

Jan 11 2013, 20:16

Will e-commerce cos finally start making profits in 2013?

This year will separate the boys from the men, says Alok Mittal. »

Jan 10 2013, 13:33

Confessions of a Digital Entrepreneur....

By Alok Kejriwal: I was born and brought up in a Marwari family where breakfast, lunch and dinner conversations were about deals struck and money made... »

Jan 08 2013, 15:47

Why people are cynical when it comes to financial planning?

Nowadays people have started seeking professional advice to have road map of their financial future. They prefer to pay professional fee for the prepa... »

Dec 11 2012, 21:53

Mr. and Mrs. Co-Founder - How do you do?

Co-founders of a company can be compared to a married couple »

Dec 07 2012, 14:53

Strengthen your intangible assets

Rajeev Surana talks about the importance of intangible assets which helps to get maximum valuation during its sale »

Nov 30 2012, 16:59

Philanthropy is serious business

The media has a tendency to portray everything that is wrong with our country. »

Nov 30 2012, 13:24

How entrepreneurship is alive & kicking

When Shree Renuka Sugars acquired two ailing sugar mills in Brazil two years ago, it was hailed as an astute move. Today, the aggression looks a tad f... »

Oct 30 2012, 18:20

Focus on the 'WHY' factor of your business

Some float their own companies because they have a 'eureka moment' and want to turn their brainwave into a money-spinner while still others want to 'r... »

Oct 29 2012, 19:18

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