Organizing events can be a great marketing tool

Aug 29 2012, 18:56   |   By SME Mentor

Events are always important and exciting to organize. The kind of event can differ from time to time and from company to company but the objective in order to create the event is always the same. It is to garner attention and interest and to interact with journalists or customers directly. It is important to make the event successful and there are certain simple guidelines that can be followed to taste success.

Mr. Shankar Balakrishnan, branch head of 20:20 MEDIA says that, "the events should be part and parcel of the PR plan and it should be planned keeping in mind the company's overall objective. The tactics that you use at the events should always stem from the strategies which you have laid down for the long run. The aim should be to create an effective and beneficial event and the message passed through the event should be clear and news worthy." Rajesh, part of the team that founded Pix 5D cinemas states "even though we are new in the market, we are constantly looking for events that we can be a part of. Since we are in the entertainment space, it makes sense to be a part of art and movie related events. Since we don't have big budgets, we have not had any events of our own yet."

The event should always be relevant to present day happenings and should be able to garner the attention of the journalist as soon as they enter it.


Vinitha Ramani, a corporate communication professional says that innovation is the only way to stand apart. She says, "One of our clients gave a 3D tour of the company to the journalists when they were invited for a press briefing and also used a few of the software which they had developed to give them a different experienced. This made the journalists interested in the products and later led to various one-on-one interviews and reviews about their products. The event covered all the bases of the purpose of the event in a crisp manner and all this required detailed planning and execution." Krithika Nelson of Shopo.in adds "Since most of our business is done online, we are constantly sending out emails and promotions inviting people to check out the latest on our portals. The biggest event we had was the 1st year celebrations, where people who don't work with us but have been a part of our journey were invited"

Bhuvanesh, founder of Donut house holds the "most number of Donut eating contest" both at his outlets and in leading colleges in the city as well. The day he launched a new outlet, he sent out a message on Facebook announcing that the 1st 50 people would win a box of Donuts if they clicked on the banner on Facebook. On june1st, world donut day, he had an all day event- one for one free! He says the response was amazing, and it seems to have continued over the days..


It is important that there is a person who is technically well equipped present at the venue and is referred to as the go to person for various queries and he should also be approachable and a person who is in control of thing. It would be preferable if the person is of high designation as it will carry a lot of weight age when he mentions things.

Anu Kailasm, PR personel says, "It is important to work based on timelines. A timeline should be set for all the aspects of planning right from catering to media to the arrangements. It is also very important to choose the right tools in order to reach out to the target audience be it the customers or journalists."

Post event actions

Be it a launch party, or an event to promote a new product, the company needs to follow it up with communication.  Vinod Harith, co-founder CMO Axis says "we make it a point to thank those who came, participated or even our vendors. This way, we build relationships and connections that helps us in our business" The key to planning any event is analyzing the event after it is over with and understand the good and the bad as it will help in the planning of the next event and soon you will be in a position to plan events that will hit the bull's eye.



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