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    iAccelerator empowers start-ups

    iAccelerator empowers start-ups by offering infrastructure, investment support and mentorship »

    Dec 11 2012, 16:30

    Tata provides a helping hand to technology companies in Bangalore

    Starting up is never easy and expert guidance is hard to come by. But entrepreneurs making their debut can take heart, with a new incubation centre to... »

    Dec 06 2012, 19:26

    Swiss companies scout for opportunities in India

    Swiss companies are keenly looking at business opportunities in India and other high growth markets, amid sluggish economic conditions in Europe, a Sw... »

    Nov 30 2012, 13:30

    Are oil reserves in Africa an opportunity for Indian firms?

    Price and political risk could throw a spanner in India's efforts to make the most of the vast reserves in offshore Mozambique. »

    Nov 30 2012, 13:27

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