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How to go global and get it right

Been there, done that... and still growing. Madhusudan Sikri, founder of Sikri Packaging Corporation, tells you how to take that leap, not just to the... »

Dec 10 2012, 19:13

An Irrigation system that has changed the lives of millions of farmers

Jain Irrigation changed the lives of millions of farmers with its modern drip irrigation systems, till government finances threatened to scupper its m... »

Dec 07 2012, 20:12

The rise and fall of Subex Founder Subash Menon

Subex founder's sheer ambition triggered the company's meteoric rise and its catastrophic fall. »

Dec 07 2012, 20:10

IT exports to touch 15% next fiscal: Offshore Insights

In an interview to CNBC-TV18 Sudin Apte of Offshore Insights shared the findings of their latest report, which surveyed 270 offshore clients across Or... »

Dec 07 2012, 15:03

Publication biz to grow beyond 20%: Navneet

President Finance Sunil Gala told CNBC-TV18 attributed no specific reason to the rise seen in stock price, however he said that company's core busines... »

Dec 07 2012, 14:59

World Bank measures ease of doing business across the globe

According to the World Bank's Doing Business Report 2013, 108 economies of the world implemented 201 reforms in 2011-12 to ease the process of doing b... »

Nov 30 2012, 13:28

What Renuka Sugars learnt from Brazil

Narendra Murkumbi has learnt some bitter lessons with his Brazilian ventures, but he might be putting them to good use »

Nov 07 2012, 12:31

Who has the world's water

The world's freshwater resources are under increasing pressure from growing human population and industrial activity. Here's a look at how the world's... »

Sep 27 2012, 21:52

Are you worried about disappearing inventory?

Nearly all business owners especially those who run manufacturing units, restaurants or processing units have had to face the problem of disappearing ... »

Sep 25 2012, 15:20

A Lean Production System is Bad for Workers

A Delhi professor's thesis reveals how the Japanese lean production system ends up reducing permanent employment and denying workers a better life. »

Sep 20 2012, 16:23

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