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Bio-informatics becomes a drug for this banker

From teetering on the brink of closure to becoming a thought leader in the bio-informatics and drug discovery industry is not a feat many entrepreneur... »

Dec 17 2013, 14:53

AND...a new age of fashion dawns for the urban Indian woman

Anita Dongre broke the formula and enticed the young Indian woman with just two words -- chic yet affordable. Fifteen years later, Dongre reveals how ... »

Dec 13 2013, 12:24

Niche idea turns into full-fledged business venture!

Nagpur-based Sagar Meghe plumped for Geographic Information Systems at a time when technology was barely a blip on the horizon »

Nov 29 2013, 11:32

A reluctant teenage entrepreneur makes a 'safe' bet

Dr Diwan Rahul Nanda, Chairman, Topsgrup, India's largest security agency, on how he started off very early in life and what it takes to be a successf... »

Nov 13 2013, 12:25

Delhi entrepreneur finds success in a mug of beer

Rahul Singh opened the country's first beer cafe in 2010. With six outlets pouring and another 13 in the pipeline, he sees no reason why beer can't be... »

Oct 30 2013, 17:16

Noida-based startup to launch own brand of sanitary napkins

Soothe Healthcare manufactures innovative and affordable healthcare products for the Indian market »

Oct 29 2013, 16:14

Vada paav meets MBA degree: The story of Jumboking

How Dheeraj Gupta reengineered Mumbai's most popular street snack and turned it into a 'jumbo' size venture »

Oct 28 2013, 18:20

This entrepreneur makes profits from second-hand products!

Hyderabad entrepreneur spins profits from 're-commerce', opens store selling used lifestyle products »

Oct 17 2013, 11:09

No fashion faux pas for Myntra; what the startup got right

Myntra's founding team is now half its original size, but the company is showing no signs of slowing down »

Oct 14 2013, 13:51

'It's not luxury if it's everywhere'

Uber-luxury salon Dessange believes there is colossal potential in the beauty market in India. Yet, the brand says, the secret to its success is stayi... »

Oct 10 2013, 11:04

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