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5 ways to build customer relationships even during a slowdown

There's no underestimating customer relationships, especially in an e-commerce business. Here's how you can use the current slowdown to drum up busine... »

Aug 22 2013, 12:27

Does your business really need a digital strategy?

Growing one's business has become synonymous with digital marketing. But the key to using it successfully is to do it right »

Aug 21 2013, 11:03

One year on, Marico juggles old and new businesses

Marico learns to juggle old and new businesses after acquiring Paras's personal care brands »

Aug 14 2013, 16:16

'We launched the men's fairness cream first, others followed suit'

The Kolkata-based Emami Group is busy launching variants and reorganising its Ayurveda portfolio under the Zandu brand, besides concentrating on Fair ... »

Jul 26 2013, 16:34

Move over Facebook, Twitter, use Quora to build your brand

Quora gives you a brand-building alternative to Facebook and Twitter. Use it to reach a more diverse section on the internet »

Jul 24 2013, 17:29

You no longer have to be a Husain to be an artist

Social media platforms are liberating art from exclusive circles and are allowing artists to reach a wide consumer base. They have also given rise to ... »

Jun 10 2013, 14:31

How Rasna, a three-decade-old brand is innovating constantly to stay fresh

Rasna a brand which needs no introduction is working hard to maintain its market position as a leader »

Apr 30 2013, 11:38

73% in India favour brands with which they engage

Brands that develop a social network following stand a very good chance of having consumers buy their products. »

Apr 16 2013, 15:41

What L'Oreal learns from Indian homes

L’Oréal India’s Pierre-Yves Arzel says home visits helped him understand Indians’ relationship with water, what beauty products they use and wh... »

Apr 09 2013, 15:41

Can niche social media sites take on giants like Facebook and Linkedin?

New genre of entrepreneurs puts a spin on social networkin; plans to capitalise on this trend in India »

Feb 14 2013, 14:57

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