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Making rail travel easier, one app at a time

RailYatri promises to make rail travel in India trouble-free with a bunch of mobile-based apps. Can the mammoth Indian Railways be tamed? Find out how... »

Nov 07 2013, 12:10

Customised marketing replaces one-size-fits-all approach

Advertisers are deploying technology to engage in targeted marketing; ad spends decline »

Oct 23 2013, 15:27

SEO, if done right, can work wonders for your business

Scammers and spammers have given SEO a bad name. Get it right and you can be on top of your game »

Sep 26 2013, 10:57

Cyber security issues? This startup will help you out

As the world debates issues of cyber security, privacy laws and hacking, a 22-year-old aims to secure Indian cyber space networks with his startup, Lu... »

Sep 24 2013, 13:04

How next-gen smartphone users are being bought and sold

After Facebook and Google, Twitter became the latest to buy millions of Indian smartphone users in July »

Aug 21 2013, 11:07

Does your business really need a digital strategy?

Growing one's business has become synonymous with digital marketing. But the key to using it successfully is to do it right »

Aug 21 2013, 11:03

The computer mouse was invented by a person called Douglas Engelbart

Douglas Engelbart, an American engineer, invented the first computer mouse prototype in 1963 »

Aug 19 2013, 11:56

Privacy paranoia - a boon for startups

The woes of spy agency NSA may be a boon for startups in the privacy space. »

Aug 12 2013, 12:46

Want your business to succeed? Step up your web presence

The Web has become an inescapable business tool and can snare higher revenue, higher profits and more customers, according to a new study »

Aug 03 2013, 16:48

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