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India 2022: High on skills but low on jobs?

Government is pouring crores of taxpayer money into skill development programmes. But can committees and bureaucratic talk shops match skills to jobs? »

Jul 19 2013, 19:37

Rural youth trained to take on the corporate world

Investment banker turns social entrepreneur, launches start-up that provides skills training to semi-urban youngsters »

Jul 17 2013, 15:58

Challenges That SMEs Face While Hiring Senior Talent From Multi National Corporations

I have often addressed entrepreneurs who have been in business for 10-20 years. »

Jun 12 2013, 14:47

Kick-start Employee Loyalty with These Exciting Tips

The lifeblood of your organisation is your employees. What, then, is the value you place in your employees? »

Apr 02 2013, 15:23

I have great belief in India's entrepreneurial talent: Bala Deshpande

Bala Deshpande, Senior Managing Director of venture capital major New Enterprise Associates, talks about the entrepreneurial scenario in India, NEA's ... »

Feb 19 2013, 13:33

Combat employee theft

It is advisable to rely on digital security to protect your business »

Feb 06 2013, 14:53

6 mistakes you must not make when recruiting

Augmenting your headcount to expand is a critical decision for a growing start-up. Here are 6 pitfalls you should avoid while choosing recruits to tak... »

Feb 01 2013, 20:09

Back to Basics: Train, Gain and Retain

At the TiE Summit in Mumbai last week, five women entrepreneurs discussed their experiences, challenges running their respective businesses at the TiE... »

Jan 28 2013, 16:07

Bosses should pick favourites for better performing team

Forget being fair, bosses should pick favourites if they want top performing teams, a new study has claimed. "Conventional wisdom tells us that we sho... »

Jan 24 2013, 16:01

Need help in training your Retail Staff?

Investing in the right talent is crucial as it ensures a higher retention rate in a company »

Dec 27 2012, 15:40

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