The most productive day of the workweek is...... Tuesday

Sep 07 2012, 18:45   |   By SME Mentor

Farha Khan

Yes, it is the "Terrific Tuesday"; the best time to get something done quickly.

Employees are most productive on Tuesdays, their bosses say, according to a survey by Menlo Park-based Accountemps.Nearly half of executives surveyed said employees reach their zenith performance on Tuesdays. Not surprisingly, Fridays were viewed as the least productive day of the week.

"It's a boring Monday usually in big firms and it could be Tuesday or most probably Wednesday when employees show full enthusiasm" says Raxit Seth from smartmumbaikar.com

Mondays can be hectic because there are frequently more meetings scheduled and also people are out of sync with their work from the weekend. By Tuesday, employees may be better focused on day-to-day responsibilities. As the weekend nears people are tired of the week and waiting for the next weekend, so they start slacking, productivity clearly is impacted-a sign that workers may need closer guidance or an extra morale boost to keep projects on track


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