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Work on two more industrial corridors underway

Work on two more industrial corridors underway »

Feb 28 2013, 14:34

Direct cash scheme to be extended through country, says PC

Nearly 11 lakh poor people have benefitted from the Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme which began on January 1, and will be rolled out through the countr... »

Feb 28 2013, 14:33

Urgent attention requires on infra, taxes to boost exports

India needs "urgent attention" on issues related to infrastructure, trade facilitation, taxes and credit in order to boost the country's exports, said... »

Feb 27 2013, 21:34

Mkt eye on GST rollout, excise-cut & high retail interest

A long awaited implementation of GST across the country is still a dream far away. We want to speed up the growth of the economy, however implementati... »

Feb 27 2013, 21:32

Hope for clarity on tax, concessions to boost biz

We do expect tax clarity and concessions from the budget. This includes service tax levied on various components on services/ various types of service... »

Feb 27 2013, 21:30

Hopes pinned on Budget spotlight on infra, GST

The Finance Minister is presenting the Union Budget on 28th February 2013 and obviously all eyes would be on the fiscal deficit to see if there is a t... »

Feb 27 2013, 21:20

Budget 2013-14: Consumer biz seeks duty-cuts, concessions & credit

To favorably consider modifying the notification from “19 inches & above LCD/LED panels to “ LCD/LED & Plasma panels of all sizes”. »

Feb 27 2013, 21:18

Budget 2013: What a Businessman is expecting from this Budget

Union Budget FY14 would test Government’s predicament to ensure concurrence of Fiscal sustainability, faster economic growth momentum and the requis... »

Feb 27 2013, 15:26

PK Bansal: Budget not populist, just meeting aspirational needs

After announcing a Railway Budget with no fare hikes, despite the fuel hike that will cost the Indian Railways Rs 850 crore, Railway Minister PK Bansa... »

Feb 27 2013, 15:17

Budget 2013-14: Need concrete steps to boost e-commerce sector

Present demographics in e-commerce industry are definitely very positive as the number of online visitors in India grew 50 percent in 12 months to Nov... »

Feb 27 2013, 15:14

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