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Service Tax

With an increasing number of services being brought under the net over the years, as an SME providing taxable services, changes to service tax rates i... »

Feb 28 2013, 20:18

Promising Economic Growth

The budget has tried to reduce the spending of the investors while not having too much of an impact on their investments. Although the markets have re... »

Feb 28 2013, 20:16

Should you really be calling yourself RICH?

With the finance minister using the tax axe on the uber rich, there are many reasons why you shouldn't be one »

Feb 28 2013, 20:01

No change in standard rate of excise duty, service tax

The standard rate of excise duty and service tax was kept unchanged. Also, no change was made in peak basic custom duty rate on non-agriculture goods. »

Feb 28 2013, 14:56

10% surcharge on companies with income over Rs 10 crore

The finance minister raised the DDT surcharge to 10 percent from 5 percent and a 10-percent surcharge on companies with income over Rs 10 crore. The B... »

Feb 28 2013, 14:53

DTC still work-in-progress; to be tabled in Budget session

In his Budget speech, Finance Minister P Chidambaram today said that the Direct Tax Code will be introduced in the Budget session of Parliament. »

Feb 28 2013, 14:49

FM dashes GST hopes; draft to be tabled in next few months

While the street was hoping for a clear roadmap with timeframes to implement the much-awaited goods and services tax (GST), P Chidambaram said that a ... »

Feb 28 2013, 14:47

Fiscal deficit for 2012-13 estimated at 5.2%: Chidambaram

The fiscal deficit for the current financial year has been contained at 5.2 per cent of GDP, lower than 5.3 percent as was targeted, Finance Minister ... »

Feb 28 2013, 14:44

Customs duty cut on P&M for footwear ind; Liberty Shoes up

P Chidambaram came out with slew of measures to boost economy in hits Union Budget Speech for 2013-14. »

Feb 28 2013, 14:43

Budget raises taxes on some companies

INDIA-UNION-BUDGET-2013-INDUSTRYVIEW:Industry View - Budget raises taxes on some companies »

Feb 28 2013, 14:40

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