Worried about your employees productivity?

Whether it’s a new office or a new division in an existing office, working on 4 key concerns will certainly boost employee efficiency.

Being the only ones in the office is alright, but having a team in place means you need more than just four walls and basic office furniture. The early employees need to feel comfortable, and cared for, that is the only way they are going to stick around and not go looking for better bigger opportunities. Entrepreneurs and start-ups don’t really have to spend too much; here is how you can get your team to feel right at home. 

Food & Drinks

It is best to have a small pantry, even if it is in one corner of the office. The space should be away from work stations and dedicated to food, and drinks of all sorts. It can be a make shift dining room, or a cafeteria. A water cooler [hot & cold water], a microwave oven [to heat up frozen food, or snacks during those late hours], a fridge with soft drinks, chocolates or biscuits would be nice. Narayanan of Effect Works says “it is good to have such a secluded space as we tend to eat in front of our computers, or make a mess of the main working area. There are times we order in, and so having this room dedicated to food keeps the rest of our office clean”. 


The most important room in any house, office or hotel is the restroom. It has to be clean, fitted with decent appliances, well lit and good water supply.  “We can’t expect our employees and the team to control themselves through the day. Just like we have our basic needs, so do they. This is exactly why when we moved into this small office space, i made sure there were clean restrooms and a person who cleans them regularly”, says Krithika of Shopo.in. Infact many offices have a shower area as well, this comes in handy during those late nights or when there is a deadline and everyone is working round the clock. The restroom can also have a few candles, room freshener, hand wash and other such basic features.   

Light & Ventilation

The minute you walk into an office space, it has to be well lit; otherwise it gives out a sense of gloominess to the visitor. Also, an office space should have adequate cross ventilation; else chances of unhealthy air are high. There should be plenty of windows, even if the space is air-conditioned. It is best to leave the windows open for an hour before turning on the AC. This helps bring in natural sunlight and keep the place alive through the day. Rahul Narvekar of Fashionandyou.com agrees “even though most of our business is done online, i still believe that an office space should be bright, and welcoming. This works best for those who spend quite a bit of time working on ideas, strategies and so on”. 

Personal Touches

Gone are the days where employees sat in tiny cubicles, with walls around them. These days, most offices have an open structure, where there are long tables that people work on. They at times make a space their own by adding personal touches. A few photographs, a calendar, some quirky pieces, and so on are few add-ons that people like to place around their work area. Vidya who runs an event management company says “we are all about expression of thought and so each of my team members has the freedom to decorate their space according to their wish, no restrictions. We infact have a contest to see which is the best work station, giving out a reward every month. It makes work fun, and the atmosphere lively”.

Ravi Kikan of Startup Mason says “i always tell those who come to me for help in starting up their business that they need to make provisions for basic needs in their office if they want to expand and grow. Take care of your employees and your company will blossom”