Thrillophilia: Guide to adventure travel in India

Are you looking for an action packed vacation without getting your passport stamped? Strap yourselves in because Abhishek Daga and Chitra Gurnani's is your new adventure partner and the solution to all your travel queries in India.

Sailing away from the safe harbour, the duo quit their corporate jobs and founded Thrillophilia in 2008. With 350 activity trips listed in more than 2,000 travel information pages on the website, this duo has clearly recognized the untapped potential of the Indian adventure market.

Explaining the scope of their business, Abhishek Daga, Co-founder & Digital Marketing Head of Thrillophilia Adventure said, "Adventure industry as a whole across the globe is USD 142 billion industry. In India it is USD 2 billion industry, highly unscattered. Like ten years before came, it organized the entire flight market; few years before came, it organized the entire bus market. So, we see potential in highly unscattered adventure market. What we are trying to do is - to curate the best experiences, bring them online and try and organize the activity and the adventure travel market."

With an initial capital of Rs 10 lakhs, Abhishek and Chitra launched the portal in 2009. Headquartered in Bangalore, Thrillophilia is spread across 70 cities having tied-up with 150 regional service providers. Touching a turnover of Rs 1.2 crores last year, Abhishek and Chitra have a marked a target of four crores for the current fiscal. The duo claims to have raised funds from a US based angel investor at a valuation of USD one million. The team at Thrillophilia dreams to be the face Indian adventure travel.

Chitra Gurnani, Co-founder & CEO of Thrillophilia Adventure said, "We have the regional service providers who offer very good quality. We also have on the other side, the consumers. We provide an interface, a platform to the two. We curate trips and when we say we curate, curation means we have an in-house outdoor team at Thrillophilia, which would travel to these destinations, experience these trips day-by-day, place-by-place, check the service qualities, inspect the equipments. Once we understand that these service providers comply by our quality standards - that is when we enter into service level agreements with them."

With every lap of their travel, Abhishek and Chitra brought in new ideas and soon managed to pin-down their target audience. Thrillophilia curates adventure and activity trips for corporate houses, international travellers and individuals looking for weekend get-aways.

Gurnani further added, "We provide technology. This technology enables consumers to actually get all that information at one place. Today, if you say that I want to do an activity 300 kilometres around Bangalore. Where will you go and check that, all possible activities around Bangalore? You have to come to So, this kind of search is available on Thrillophilia."

With the target to locate, evaluate and list 400 trips on the website within next year, Thrillophilia aims to be in adventure and activity trip aggregator on a Pan India level. With a robust team providing in-depth research, Abhishek and Chitra will help you explore the many wonders of India.