Silver prices trading higher in major cities in India

Spot silver prices were trading higher in major cities in India. In Mumbai market, Pure silver (999 purity) was up Rs 340 at Rs 61810 and in Jaipur market it was up Rs 350 at Rs 60500.

Spot Silver Rates for 1 KG in major metros in India:

City Silver 999 Change (Rs)
Mumbai (Oct 18) 61810 340
Ahmedabad (Oct 18) 60400 455
Chennai (Oct 18) 59900 400
Delhi (Oct 18) 60500 200
Jaipur (Oct 18) 60500 350









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Disclaimer: These are only indicative spot market prices obtained from market sources from various cities by Investors are advised to confirm the rates before buying or selling as actual prices may vary. will not responsible for any loss incurred by acting on these prices.