Young Turk brings luxury into your bathroom

Karan Agarwal changed the way India designs its bathrooms. Agarwal has bet big in the bath fittings and accessories market by launching leading German bath-fittings and accessories company, Keuco.

The 31-year-old's studio in Bangalore offers a wide array of functional and luxurious designs and with 10 months of operations, it manages a monthly sales of Rs 40 lakh- Rs 50 lakh. 

Karan began his entrepreneurial journey with Shanti Exim International, an exporter of natural stones, in 2009.

So what's so unique about your range of bathroom furnishings and accessories?

Agarwal: We do a lot of customisation for clients. In partnership with Keuco, we offer complete solutions. Thanks to our partnership with  Keuco, we are able offer lot of support to our clients. All of our products are backed by an international warrantee., so there is a peace of mind for us and the client.

And peace of mind is what Bangalore resident Lakshmaya Reddy wanted. So what made Reddy pick Karan and Keuco?

Reddy: The experience, in getting my bathrooms revamped, was very superior. The quality of the products is very good and the entire operation was very smooth.

Agarwal: Our range starts from around Rs 1.25 lakh to almost Rs 2 lakh for a powder room. But everthing depends on what kind of configuration one wants, the series one is interested in and the kind of accessories one wants in a bathroom. We offer the entire gamut— from light mirrors, Italian marble tops, wood fronts, glass fronts and glass tops to an entire range with 24-carat gold-plating fittings and accessories.

To increase volumes Karan is also keen on garnering more clients from the hospitality industry and is looking at moving beyond Bangalore and perhaps, even bathrooms.

Agarwal: Five years down the line, I would certainly like to be associated with a strong kitchen brand. I’m already associated with a strong bathroom brand. Hopefully, I plan to tie up with a luxury furniture maker from Europe who’s products and services can be also included as a value-add to my customers. So at the end of five years, we want to offer a complete experience in luxury —interiors, bathrooms and kitchens.