Five apps that can change the way we live

Meenakshi Rohatgi

Killer apps that can change the way we live? Now who wouldn’t be interested! Five apps were named as game-changers at The Appfame contest at Nasscom’s Emergeout event in Pune on October 12. And there’s something for customers as well as businesses in this amazing digital bag of tricks. In keeping with the theme of the day-long event, ‘Breaking the glass ceiling’, following are five mobile start-ups that made it, well, appsolutely smashing.

1. The Events App: The EventEdge app enables continuous communication between organisers, speakers and attendees of an event while also allowing virtual attendees to keep track of the proceedings. Developed by Persource, the app can be used on all mobile devices.

- Provides the agenda and speaker list to users

- Allows users interact with the speakers virtually

- Allows you to check-in to a session and lets the organisers know who’s attending

- Attendees can virtually interact with a speaker

- Facilitates a discussion forum, which allows quick, virtual discussions or polls

There are also aids for attendees such as interactive floor maps. For the organisers, the app churns out through analytics, data about participation of each session.

Founder of Persource, Amit Shukla has catered to events such as the USA Democratic National Convention, the USA Republican National Convention, Vibrant Gujarat with the Government of Gujarat, IEEE Transformers USA and Milken Institute.

2. The Contact Management App: This app aims to overcome the problems of contacts being lost after people change smartphones, and not being able to keep track of updated contact information. Developed by InTouchID, a Pune-based start-up, this app thus facilitates ‘smart contact management’, according to founder, Sarang Lakare.

Once two parties install this application on their mobile phones, they can exchange contact information just like virtual business cards. The app keeps track of changes in the fields of the contact information of those you have connected via InTouchID and automatically updates the same in your phone. Contacts via InTouchID are synced to a computer regularly so that they don’t get lost while changing phones.

3. The Publishing App: Called Comics Head, this app allows users to express their ideas through comic strips. Created by Chennai-based NextWave Multimedia, it’s a fun tool for content creation. Says P Rajendran, founder and director of NextWave, “We are living in an age of self-publishing and NextWave identified a dearth of easy and fun tools for content creation.”

The Comics Head app allows uses to create storyboards and presentations in no time, through pre-defined characters and templates. Once a comic strip is created, it can be exported in the form of an image into blogs and presentations.

4. The Training App: Called ‘Drona’, this is a Cloud-based content management and delivery tool for enterprises. Developed by Deletecs Infotech, which was founded by Jinen Dedhia, the app allows corporate employees and sales people to access training content even while on the move. Content that can be delivered to the devices of employees include presentations, quizzes, audio and even video.

Also dubbed an ‘m-learning platform’, the app is being used by corporate firms such as Wipro and Essar. Dedhia says he hopes the app will reduce the need to carve time slots out of employees’ schedules and help them complete their training courses.

 5. The KYC App: It can be used to execute the entire KYC process – from document checking to submission – and can be installed on an Android tablet or a smartphone. Developed by Clairvoyant Infovision, a Pune-based company, the app considerably reduces the use of paper and the time taken to execute the KYC process, says Clairvoyant founder Vikas Dalvi.

A person in the field gets a customer’s lead on his mobile app, with address and contact details pre-populated. He clicks photographs of the documents and the customer and presses ‘submit’. The rule engine in the app checks to see if the documents are complete. They are uploaded to the central server only if they are. All personal details and documents are deleted from the mobile device as soon as they are uploaded to minimise the possibility of fraud.

Dalvi is offering his app to banks and financial institutions on an annual licence or transaction basis.


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