Choose a job you love and you never have to work for life

Annu Grover, Founder of Nurturing Green Retail Pvt Ltd.

What does your company do?

Nurturing Green Retail Pvt Ltd is into Green Gifting & Green Decor via Gift a Plant.

Founded in: 2009      

You are an entrepreneur because....?

The idea to create value in something always fascinated me to do different things. I never saw myself working in a 9-5 job and couldn't work under anyone. Plus I am from a business family and through out my childhood saw the pros & cons of an entrepreneur.

I chose this because Mother Earth was always close to my heart & looking at the depleting resources & wastages, I always wanted to develop a business which was capable of changing mindsets. I strongly believed that gifting a Plant is far better than giving monotonous gift

Your most critical moment while starting out?

When I decided to come back to India leaving a cushy job and instead of joining my dad's business decided to start something as new as this.

The emotional void and the initial starting up challenges took a toll on me and was a big challenge.

Did you Goof up?

One of the errors which I made was to start the business without much planning the future working capital. I didn't plan for min 6 months of outside sustainability before venturing into NG.

Unforgettable Quotes:

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work for the rest of your life. 

What did I learn??

Never give up. Today when I connect the dots backward I can say whenever I thought of giving up, I was very close to the finish point.
Follow your passion. Do something you love else you will be force to do something that someone else loved.
Be a leader and not a boss. You have to work with your team to achieve the goal and it's only possible when your team admires and respect's you. 

Comments on your journey...

Last 2 years have been the most exciting time of my life. Every day is a challenge and an opportunity to explore. Whatever I learnt in past 24 years is equivalent to last 2 years of entrepreneurial journey.

Annu Grover: aged 26 has done his MBA from Bimtech in Marketing & Retail. After which he went to do a 'Global Business Program' in Strategic Management from Austria. He has been a Management Consultant for a small period of time.

He has won several accolades in Startup & Green space like ET-Power of Ideas 2010, Echoing Green & HT- Brightest Young Climate Leader 2010 award. He speaks at various forums & also loves to interact with young people & new ideas.