Buying Server Space

Your business is soon scaling great heights and it is time to have a file server of your own. Even the smallest space will well run into few thousands of rupees so it is wise to make the best out of the available resources and which will also work out economically. An old computer can be configured in such a way that it can double up as your own server. An in house server does have it’s own advantages though it is tough to maintain it and it definitely needs expert people to attend to it. This helps you to have complete security over the data and you can have control over your data at any given time.

Choose the space

Many companies opt for options like Google docs [or Drive as it is called now] , Dropbox or Sugarsync which is quite secure and also help employees to exchange documents but if you are dealing with extremely confidential stuff that would spell doom if it is not secure then you can also opt for rental system. There are companies which will maintain the server and rent some rack space on a monthly basis. Sorav Jain of Echovme says “This completely depends from business to business. its the era of virtual space using cloud is perfect solution as long as it is private and doesn't hold a lot of accounts. “

Share and shine

The other option which you can consider is to share hosting services which costs just one tenth of having a dedicated server. You can opt for a package that you think is necessary for your business and slowly can upgrade the package as your need and traffic increases. Disc space, RAM and the operating system is generally included in any basic plan. Bandwidth and disc space can be increases based on the need. In case your website is facing problems because of the traffic then you can always move up the ladder and opt for a better plan as it will solve the problem. 

Mr. Sivaram Kumar, Admin of Samran Technologies Pvt Ltd, says, “We deal with an independent server in UK and a shared hosting service in India. The speed and the efficiency that we witness in the shared hosting service is almost as good as having our own though you might not have complete control over the server and will have to depend on a third party at times when it is urgent.” Vincent Sunder, founder of Alabos BPO Solutions says “It is good to pick up server space, as much as required for the company website and to carry on business, but one needs to be aware of the security issues, sorting them out before going live”

High up in the CLOUD….

The recent technology that has been creating quite a stir in the industry is cloud computing. Many reputed companies like Google, Dell, HP and Oracle offer applications that help in cloud computing. Google is one of the most reputed companies to establish cloud computing. It offers both free and paid services. The investment on hardware becomes less when you opt for cloud computing. Rahul Narvekar of agrees “Cloud is the way to go -- we can easily scale up our infrastructure as we scale our business and the opex model of costing too is attractive for startups. Our entire customer facing infrastructure and business will be on Cloud.”

So when you choose your servers choose them wisely and according to your needs.