BlackBerry launches affordable smartphone

Affordable smart phones is what Blackberry maker Research in Motion (Rim) is using to connect with customers in India.

Stuck between intense competition and deep losses it is now clearly strengthening its focus on emerging markets to regain market position, according to CNBC-TV18's Malvika Jain.

Times have not been ringing in good news for Blackberry. Faced with intense competition, the ailing smart phone maker reported a net loss of $125 million for the quarter starting January 2011 compared to a profit of $934 million a year earlier.

Amid rivalry from Apple and smartphone makers that rely on Google's Android software, Rim is hoping for the best

Patrick Spence, Rim's global VP said, "I joined the company 14 years ago when a lot of people felt that there was no way we are going to compete and be successful against Motorola, Nokia etc and we have proven that we can. We have always been the underdog and we have come through by staying focused on the customers."

In fact Blackberry's recent strategy is to slash prices, to attract customers and keep up with competition all in one go.

Spence said, “We are keeping the company very focused now, making sure we take advantage of customers moving from feature to enterprise phones. Certainly the board can continue to look how we went enhance shareholder value.”

Rim has announced that it will redouble efforts to attract business customers while reviewing options, such as licensing, partnerships, joint ventures and other ways to "leverage" assets. It is in talks with at least 2 banks to advise the company on licensing its operating system to others.