Hot tea? A Little TV? Now, some report a new bedtime

Did you know that 28% in India say they check their friend’s social networking updates before calling it a day. No longer is bedtime just about checking the thermostat, the windows and that the dogs have gone out.

According a survey conducted by the IPSOS, a market research company, for about three in ten people in India (compared to 21% worldwide), the lights don’t go out at bedtime until they have checked to see if their friends have posted any new updates on the social networks they share. And, just in case those friends had any thoughts or activities to report during the night, 24% of people in India (compared to 17% worldwide) say they check their friends’ social networking updates within the first hour after they wake up each day.

An update with a cup of coffee makes the perfect breakfast! This is welcome news for marketers as the more time social network users spend online, the more opportunities for advertisers to reach them with targeted messaging.