Mutual Fund Day (MFD)

About Mutual FunD day

About Mutual Fund day
Today, India can be seen emerging as the next big investment destination, riding on high savings and higher growth rate, as compared to other Asian economies. On the other hand, according to a report in the United Nations Population Fund, over 50% of the population is less than 25 years of age, with many entering the workforce for the first time .
It is important to inculcate a habit of investing early and help the vast population of the country to achieve financial independence. Mutual funds can be an option for those looking to create wealth over time as it provides diversification and asset allocation with relatively small amounts of cash.
Mutual funds as an investment vehicle have gained immense popularity over the last couple of years with its average Assets under Management touching a record high of Rs 17.37 trillion as of January 2017 . However, mutual fund penetration in the country is very low compared to global and peer benchmarks.
Recognising the need for financial independence, Reliance Mutual Fund in partnership with Network18 has embarked on a new journey to get every household in India to invest in Mutual Funds and to inculcate the habit of investing regularly.
Har mahine ki tarikh saat, Kijiye Mutual Fund ke aadat ki shuruat!

Media Led Events for Mutual Fund Day

Date Publication Location Attendance
21st April Malayala Manorama Kochi 480
22nd April Dainik Lokmat Solapur 250
29th April Sakal Pune 275
29th April Dainik Lokmat Kolhapur 230
29th April Dainik Lokmat Kolhapur 230
30th April Dainik Lokmat Ahmednagar 230
4th May Dainik Jagran Varanasi 229
4th May Dainik Jagran Varanasi 229
3rd May ABP Howrah 128
5th May Dainik Jagran Allahabad 234
4th May ABP 24 North Parganas 220
6th May CNBC Awaaz / Big FM Mumbai 100
6th May Eenadu Hyderabad 174
6th May Dainik Jagran Kanpur 187
6th May Dainik Jagran Ludhiana 110
6th May Dainik Jagran Ludhiana 110
6th May Dainik Jagran Bhopal 173
6th May Dainik Jagran Agra 165
6th May Dainik Jagran Merrut 173
6th May Dainik Lokmat Akola 149
6th May Eenadu Kadappa 350
6th May Sakal Pune 350
6th May Sakal Pune 350
7th May Dainik Lokmat Pune 40
7th May Dainik Lokmat Aurangabad 270
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