Ranbaxy has 20 first-to-file patent applications having a combined market of over $ 26 billion annually. Ranbaxy signed a settlement with GSK Pharma for Valtrex last month. But, Ranbaxy’s Malvinder Singh left most investors puzzled. He dropped a clue that atleast two such settlements are in the pipeline in the near future.

I could’nt rest and probed on the possible blockbuster patent expiries during 2008 or 2009. My acquaintances in the field of patents say Risperdal (anti-psychotic drug) or Topamax (anti-epileptic) are expiring in late 2008 or early 2009. Venelafexine (anti-depressant) also goes off-patent sometime in 2008 but Teva has settled the patent case with Wyeth and agreed to delay the launch till 2010.

That leaves me with very few big drugs to guess about. Could Ranbaxy be talking to Pfizer for a settlement of the $ 12 billion -a-year heart drug Lipitor ? Ranbaxy has the option of launching Lipitor generic in US after March 2010. May be Pfizer could be looking at keeping Ranbaxy out of the market till Lipitor’s patent expires in 2011.

While I guess, I am also restless for the next big patent settlement news from Ranbaxy. Many of my analyst friends agree they too are in the same state.

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