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Jun 18, 2012, 01.28 PM | Source: PTI

Whatever I have to say I will say on Facebook : Mamata

Whatever I have to say I will say on Facebook : Mamata

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Whatever I have to say I will say on Facebook : Mamata

Whatever I have to say I will say on Facebook : Mamata

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Kolkata, Jun 16 (PTI) West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee debuted on Facebook today renewing her call for A P J Kalam as president, and saying that whatever else she had to say on the subject would be updated on the internet social network site. "I have already put across my viewpoints in Facebook. Whatever I have to say, I will say on Facebook", Banerjee said before leaving the state secretariat unfazed by her isolation after the Congress-led UPA yesterday named Pranab Mukherjee as its Presidential nominee. Banerjee, who had told reporters last night that "the game is not over. It has just begun" and she would speak her mind on the presidential elections today, said "I wont say anything today. Tomorrow is Sunday. I don't know ... on Monday ... we will see then..." The Trinamool Congress chief wrote in her first post on Facebook, "I gave voice to what millions of Indians want to see in a President". She claimed there was already a good response to the post on the social network. Stating that the will of the people was supreme in a democracy, Banerjee requested fellow citizens to petition their public representatives to stand up, support and vote for Kalam. "Let your voice be heard. I will bow to the will of the people", she said. Describing India's 'missile man' as a proud and distinguished son of India who continued to inspire all Indians, the chief minister said Kalam remained above narrow politics. "He is a seeker of truth, a fountain of knowledge and an impartial voice of reason and sanity, who is above narrow politics. He is the kind of man all our citizens aspire to make President", Banerjee said. Refusing to budge from her stand, she said, "My Party is a small party. We are not a big party with none of the resources others possess. We are led by truth and conviction. All through my life I have stood by my principles. I stand by the position I have taken". Recalling Tagore's famous lines 'Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high' in her first posting she said, "I am a humble, transparent, common person like the vast majority of you".
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Whatever I have to say I will say on Facebook : Mamata

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