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Feb 11, 2013, 05.23 PM | Source: PTI

The exploits of Faster Fenay now in English

The exploits of Faster Fenay now in English

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The exploits of Faster Fenay now in English

The exploits of Faster Fenay now in English

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New Delhi, Feb 11 (PTI) Generations of young Marathi readers have grown up idolising B R Bhagwat's eminently lovable creation Faster Fenay, the catapult-wielding detective with an uncanny knack for attracting adventure. Now his exploits as he along with his friends goes to Fort Pratapgad in western Maharashtra on a trip and gets involved in an action-packed adventure have been translated into English. "Faster Fenay at Fort Pratapgad" is an adaptation of Bhagwat's original Marathi series based on the character of the 13-year-old student of Pune's Vidyabhavan High School whose real name is Banesh Fenay. With his talent as a mimic, his skill with the catapult and his fearless mind, Faster Fenay has already put several crooks behind bars. Brought out by Penguin Books India as part of its Puffin Classic Adventures, the translation has been done by Tejas Modak, writer of graphic novels "Private-eye Anonymous: The Art Gallery Case" and "Animal Palette". During the trip to Fort Pratapgad, a massive earthquake occurs at midnight. Faster Fenay's best friend Subhash Desai goes missing and in an attempt to find him, he comes across a gang of kidnappers on the loose. Faster Fenay pieces together the clues, bit by bit and Subhash is rescued. A thin athletic frame, a crop of hair that never submitted to the orders of a comb, and pair of sharp, shiny eyes constantly in search of something interesting to feed an overactive brain – these are the traits that defined Faster Fenay. Even on the trek to Pratapgad in the inviting chill of the Christmas vacations, he was constantly getting out of the single file of school children and racing head to point out an elusive bird here, a camouflaged chameleon there. (MORE) PTI ZMN DBL ANS
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The exploits of Faster Fenay now in English

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