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Feb 20, 2013, 05.57 PM | Source: PTI

Second GDG to be started soon in Kochi

Second GDG to be started soon in Kochi

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Second GDG to be started soon in Kochi

Second GDG to be started soon in Kochi

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Kochi, Feb 20 (PTI): Google Developers Group (GDG), the non-profit community initiative supported by Google Inc, is set to be launched at the Startup Village here soon. The group, once activated, would be catering to the software developers community with events such as tech talks, code sprints, and hackathons, a press release said. Workshops are also planned for students and professionals with speakers and participants expected to be coming from across the country. Google Developers Group, is a part of Google's Developer Relations programme, to support developers who are interested in Google technologies like Android and other open source technologies. The activities of GDG Kochi is supported by Uttam Tripathi, Programme Manager for Developer Relations at Google India and Bhumika Kaushik, Developer Community Coordinator at Google India. This would be the second GDG in Kerala after the GDG Thiruvananthapuram, the 40th in the country and 380th globally. The previous 379 GDG’s across the world have already conducted 1750 events in the past six months alone. GDG kochi is being led by a group of entrepreneurs headed by Sanjay Nediyara, CEO of Heuristics Technosol, with Rahul Ramesh of Codeyssus, Zacharias Manuel, Knowledge Architech at the Startup Village, and Nikhil Kilivayil of Schoolspeak. 'We have been trying for some time to get a GDG here. We are really excited to finally be able to start it. I hope this can contribute to the developer community in and around Kochi. With the GDG here, we will be soon conducting events and workshops with speakers from GDGs across India as well as speakers from Google,' said Sanjay Nediyara, Head Manager, GDG Kochi said. The event set to be held immediately is the “Android Bootcamp”, which would be conducted by GDG kochi in collaboration with GDG Ahmedabad. It will be a complete Android workshop which covers the Basic to the Intermediate levels of Android development. At the end of the workshop, keen participants are expected to be able to create and upload basic applications on play store.pti ud TV
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Second GDG to be started soon in Kochi

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