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Feb 16, 2013, 11.00 AM | Source: PTI

Hawa Bodol deals with male bonding: Parambrata

Hawa Bodol deals with male bonding: Parambrata

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Hawa Bodol deals with male bonding: Parambrata

Hawa Bodol deals with male bonding: Parambrata

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Kolkata, Feb 15 (PTI) Labelling his directorial venture 'Hawa Bodol' starring close friends Raima Sen and Rudranil Ghosh as a story on male bonding, popular actor Parambrata Chatterjee said it was a comedy treating a serious issue of male psyche. "The USP of Hawa Bodol is bonding, much in the spirit of flicks like Dil Chata Hai and 3 Idiots. Lots of changes occur when boys turn into men around the 30s' phase. 'Hawa Bodol' takes a peek into that in a more serious vein," the Kahaani actor told PTI here this evening. Parambrata, who would love to make a trilogy about the growing up phase of a child into teenaged-boy into a man, would, however, not term his upcoming thriller as part of the trilogy. "Jio Kaka, my first film some parts of which may not have shaped up the way I had wished, had references of my early life while Hawa Bodol happened when after returning from Europe I realised I had not caught up with some close male buddies, not necessarily in my profession, for long and felt like reviving the ties," he said at the trailer launch. About his new stint as actor-turned-director, Parambrata, the 'Hemlock Society' and 'Baishe Srabon' actor said, "I am enjoying it so much after the initial jitters of just the first few days. As an actor I knew what I my director expected from me, the expressions and all. I would want to direct myself again and again." About his co-actor Raima Sen, who had been pitted opposite a number of films with Parambrata, the Kahaani actor said, "Ohh...my screen wife (Raima) was such a prankster," he said about the experience in Hawa Bodol, produced by RTC Entertainment. "Jokes apart, I know Raima is one person one can always turn to, bank on for help," he said. Returning Parambrata's compliment, Raima said "he has turned more relaxed as a director. Very patient with whom I enjoy a comfortable chemistry." "But so far this movie doesnot become a hit he will get more marks as an actor than director," Raima said. PTI SUS AMD
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Hawa Bodol deals with male bonding: Parambrata

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