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Nov 22, 2012, 08.31 PM | Source: PTI

Fissures in Opposition over voting on FDI

Fissures in Opposition over voting on FDI

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Fissures in Opposition over voting on FDI

Fissures in Opposition over voting on FDI

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New Delhi, Nov 22 (PTI) Fissures in the Opposition over FDI in retail came to Government's aid today as the opening day of Parliament's Winter Session was washed out and Trinamool Congress' move for a no-confidence motion flopped. At the end of the day, the Government convened an all-party meeting on Monday to break the deadlock as BJP and the Left parties insisted on a discussion in Parliament on FDI issue under voting provisions. BJP and the Left also snubbed former Congress ally Trinamool Congress whose motion fell in the Lok Sabha for want of numbers. Trinamool has only 19 MPs and for a no-confidence motion to be admitted a minimum of 55 MPs have to raise in support of it in the House. SP and BSP, whose members disrupted both the houses by rushing to the well protesting against the cap on subsidised LPG cylinders and SC/ST reservation issues, refused to play ball with the rest of the Opposition. The SP, which opposes FDI in retail, however, said it will not "piggyback" on the BJP over its demand for discussion on the issue under a rule that entails voting. Its arch-rival in Uttar Pradesh BSP played its cards close to the chest. BSP chief Mayawati said the Centre should first decide under which rule it wanted discussion in Parliament on FDI. "First government has to decide, then we will make our stand clear on the floor of the House," she said. Earlier in the day before the start of the session, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh sought the cooperation of the Opposition in smooth running of Parliament, which has a heavy legislative agenda before it. Singh reminded the Opposition of the obligation to work together to enable parliamentary democracy to grapple with the formidable challenges before the country. (More) PTI ARC RAM SKU SPG AKK VSC
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Fissures in Opposition over voting on FDI

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