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Jan 19, 2013, 06.03 PM | Source: PTI



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The discussion also saw a large number of people The discussion also saw a large number of people expressing concern over outsiders getting party tickets at the cost of loyalists during elections. Members from Youth Congress were quite vocal in demanding that party tickets must go to party members and not turncoats. AICC general secretary Vilas Muttemwar was at his humorous best when he said changing parties has now become like operating a mobile number where both incoming and outgoing is free. With portability scheme, even the number does not change. He explained that there are instances when somebody, who is a general secretary in a party, is also made secretary when he joins the other party. In the all-important group on emerging political challenges, the discussion saw a near consensus on the idea contained in the base paper for discussion that as a matter of policy no General Secretary, AICC in-charge of state, PCC and DCC President will contest the Lok Sabha/ Assembly election. "It has generally been observed that when Elections (Parliament and Assemblies are being held, General Secretaries, PCC President and DCC Presidents instead of campaigning, overseeing, coordinating and monitoring the elections, are busy in their own respective constituencies, thereby adversely affecting the winning chances and morale of the party," the base paper had said. It had suggested that instead of fielding them in elections, they could be considered for nomination for Boards, Corporations, upper House in parliament and legislature. While a large number of participants agreed with the view, some opposed. They wondered what value a PCC chief will have in his state unit, if it was made clear that he will not contest elections. (More) PTI AMR SPG VSC
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