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Dec 26, 2012, 08.51 PM | Source: PTI



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Reports are also pouring in of Chakma refugees Reports are also pouring in of Chakma refugees attacking various Singpho villages in and around Miao town. Small Singpho villages like Pisi, Lewang, Phup and Khagam have become vulnerable and there are growing fears that these villages would be attacked anytime. The local administration yesterday initiated talks between leaders of both the parties to maintain peace in the area but the effort failed, which prompted the administration to clamp prohibitory order under 144 CrPc. Chief Minister Nabam Tuki yesterday expressed serious concerns over the situation and convened a high-level meeting which was attended by the chief secretary, home commissioner and director general of police. Expressing concern on the clash between members of the communities of Singpho and Chakmas, triggered by an order on land dispute by the High Court, Tuki appealed for peace and bonhomie. He said violence is no solution to any dispute and called for dialogue in a congenial atmosphere. He also appealed people not to panic as the administration is in command of the situation. After reports of clashes between the two communities, the state government, under directions from the chief minister, has deployed additional forces of state police, paramilitary and army personnel in areas volatile to the situation. Tuki, who is in constant touch with the deputy commissioner and SP of the district, has informed that the situation was tense but under control. Parliamentary Secretary for Finance and Information Technology C C Singpho, who is also the local legislator of the area, Parliamentary Secretary for Home Gadam Ete and senior police officials left Itanagar this morning to monitor the situation. PTI UPL NIK
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